Reviews: Anonymous

Safestay York

York, England

Decor is grotesque but the place was clean and pleasant. Bathrooms were not cleaned often enough. I was annoyed that we weren't allowed to bring our own beer -- why, so you can keep your stupid overpriced hostel bar going? Which you somehow thought was a good idea in a city as known for its many pubs as York is? Was also annoyed that the smoking area closed at certain times. The place was reasonably serviceable though


Bath, England

Best hostel I've stayed at in England. Liked the privacy curtains. Sterile, impersonal, and perfectly adequate

Astor Victoria

London, England

The most cramped hostel experience I've ever had. Both guests and staff would benefit from shower curtains that actually reach the floor; it is impossible to have a shower without the floor being completely wet by the end of it. It was made clear that the tap water in the bathrooms wasn't drinkable, but what about the kitchens? I'm pretty sure the water there made me sick; could've been clearer about that. Fridge smelled of rotting food due to it not being closed properly a lot of the time.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel didn't really make an impression on me but it was pretty good. Huge and not very intimate. Breakfast is overpriced but it's very easy to sneak in.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The room was poorly ventilated (not ideal when the people you share the room with stink). It was very drab and lacked personality.

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Incredibly clean, with a very kind and accommodating staff (Christian is a cutie). The cheap drinks at reception are a plus. This is clearly a hostel where a lot of thought has been put into making it as cozy and convenient as possible for travelers.

Old Prague Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

The staff was very nice and the location was great. The presence of partiers was annoying but not what it could be (though a bit more that what one might expect from a hostel that claims not to be a party hostel). The elevator was very convenient. The worst part of my stay was probably the Wi-Fi, which was awful -- no signal in the rooms whatsoever and a very spotty signal only in the lounge.