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Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 21

Hostel DownTown

Prague, Czech Republic

After 9 countries and countless hostels, this was my last and favorite. Very clean, central location, amazing facilities, spacious cozy atmosphere. It has everything you would need, plus some amazing activities. I highly recommend staying here, and I also highly recommend spending some time with Kristian. He is a fascinating, intelligent host and tour guide that will engage you and show you some really amazing places around a beautiful city. Good job Downtown Hostel, you succeeded.

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Maya & Leah! Thank you so much. I am blushing. It was even pleasure for me to meet you. Kristian ;-)

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Good location, very clean and comfortable. Amenities are all great, seemingly new hostel. Aside from our smelly, rude roommate this was everything we needed in Budapest. Quite large, and I had some travel partners so I can't speak for meeting people atmosphere but it seemed very lively at night in the bar. Recommend.

Pfefferbett Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Cheap, clean, lively, large. In a great area of Berlin yet tucked away for a bit of quiet when you need it. Bar downstairs that is always full. Sure, there are lots of good places in Berlin but I'd recommend this one too. It's quite large however, which for me, isn't always a good thing. But it's clean!

Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I loved this hostel. Didn't seem to be the liveliest hostel for meeting others, but I didn't mind because after 1.5 months of solo traveling I met my sister here (finally!). Very clean, homey, spacious. And the staff is amazing! Engage them in conversation, smoke a cigarette with them. Has a kitchen which is great, wifi, bikes to rent (recommend!), everything you need. The Dutch guy that works there is fascinating and funny, talk to him! Highly recommend. And true to Berlin's style, awesome art.


In the Chinatown of Paris which means lots of delicious food around. Close to a metro stop which is as good as you can get to 'central' in Paris. Very very clean, comfortable, and good value. Spacious too. These are not easy things to find in Paris accommodations so latch onto it. I recommend. Unfortunately, however, they will not allow you to bring your own booze into the hostel at all. But there are cheap glasses of wine so, when in Rome, right? Easy to meet others.

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Hey Thank you for reviewing us! Glad you enjoyed your stay and enjoyed some of the local restaurants - there is plenty of great places to eat in our neighbourhood. Hope to see you agin soon in Paris

Sul Porto

Cinque Terre, Italy

Its nothing special but clean, comfortable and in the most magical place in the world. It's a hike to get to the office, they'll probably be rude to you, wifi hardly works, the rooms are scattered everywhere. One night I was in a dorm, which was fine. The next night I had an apt with friends and bc we were nice, they offered us an amazing apt with the most beautiful view and patio. Ask about it, its worth it. It's very bare bones, but even if you think you need more, once you get here you won't.


It's dirty, and nothing special. It was sufficient for my stay but I wouldn't go back. I met some awesome people here however, so that certainly helped. There's a tinyandill-equipped kitchen in the room which as one could presume has its ups and downs. As a solo female I did not feel particularly safe walking the area directly surrounding the hostel at night, but felt safe in the hostel.

Roger's House

San Sebastian, Spain

It's tiny, hot and a little (just a little) grungy but how can you care when you're treated like an old friend staying in a new friend's apartment. The location is fantastic and San Sebastián is my lover. They truly want to make you happy here and will do whatever they can to give you a good time. I also met some of my favorite friends of my trip here, and quickly, so for solo travelers its great. I should have stayed longer because my days in San Sebastián were truly some of my favorite.

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

In such a beautiful area of Barcelona, its alive, but its not the sketchy las rambles. I met so many amazing people here that absolutely changed my trip as a solo traveler. The staff helped me with everything I needed. It being next to the cathedral means that even if you're drunk and lost, you can always find it because you can always explain where it it. The facilities were adequate to good, everything was clean. There's a kitchen and free breakfast too. Would definitely recommend and return.