Reviews: Anonymous

Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I enjoyed my stay, the weather wasn't the greatest when I travelled to noordwijk, but still lots to do. Did some surfing, biking, checking out small towns around noordwijk. Nice area, good atmosphere. I enjoyed the hangout room, although there was a bit to much weed for my liking.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

This Hostel was in a good location, not to far of a walk from most attractions. I only stayed here for one night, but enjoyed my stay and would recommend it for people going to Rotterdam.

404 Hostel

Cologne, Germany

The hostel is very small and takes 2 trains to get into the center of the city. This is the only thing I really didn't enjoy about the hostel, everytime you want to go into the center of the city it will cost you around 3 euro. There are bars/pubs a walking distance from the hostel if you don't want to go into koln for a drink. The guy that runs the hostel is very helpful if your wondering what to do.