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Rome, Italy

DONT STAY HERE. major problems, we arrived and instead of booking us in (for what we had reserved on hostel world) 3 people 1 night, they had it down as 1 person three nights so there was no beds for us. however, there is another hostel on the next floor up called CHICCA ROOMS. STAY THERE! its lovely, the guy is so friendly and even brought us breakfast in bed. great location though as only one undergound stop from the centre and you can walk there too.

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

cutest camp site ever, we had a little log cabin and it was perfect for our stay. its just a ten minute bus ride from the island of venice. my only downside was there was no free wifi and the bathrooms were quite untidy,

Milan Hostel Emmy

Milan, Italy

DO NOT STAY HERE its like walking into a run down brothel. the staff are dodgy and the place is falling apart. they charge you an extra six euros onto whatever you normally would be paying each for linen you don't even get and city tax. there was NO hot water and no breakfast provided although it does say it is in the description.

Baroque Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

abit disappointed with this place as the rooms are all joined together so if you havent got a private room you're basically sleeping in a corridor. the staff are abit dopey and the cleanliness is average. apart from that seen as you have zero personal space theres a great atmosphere as you have to get to know everyone and also it has a decent location. I RECOMMEND THE AQUAPARK. best thing ever and its so cheap.


the only down side to this hotel is the access to the rooms is very open to anyone and there isnt any cctv however many doors require a key but we noticed people were to lazy to lock them, apart from that AMAZING. they give you a free shot to have in their bar when you arrive, theres a bbq every night at 6pm, breakfast is also provided too and the atmosphere s good too. its quite a walk from the center but theres public transport however we didnt feel the need to use it.

Free Hostel

Krakow, Poland

YOU HAVE TO STAY HERE. its right in the center of everything, the staff are so lovely, they provide free breakfast, its clean its friendly and there was even older couples staying there which shows how good and diverse the place is, i honestly loved it here.

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

apart from the very rude staff this is an excellent hostel. we had booked a 10 bed dorm and got there to be given a private ensuite room!!!! we were over joyed. the atmosphere is really good as everyone cooks and drinks together downstairs and people were really friendly. the location is excellent just a few minutes walk from the main square and most things arent far away from that.

Check In Hostel

Berlin, Germany

my main pet hate for this place was how dirty the shower rooms and toilets were, it really grossed me out. secondly its about a 20 minute journey from the center of berlin which is abit of a pain having to travel back and fourth. DO NOT GO ON A SUNDAY as everything is closed. we had to travel all the way back to the train station as that was the only place with shops open.

Hotel Queen Anne

Brussels, Belgium

well, for budget back packing this may not be your first choice, but when we booked we though it was a hostel and to our amazement when we got there is was a beautiful hotel! we felt so scruffy as the hotel was all white and clean.the location is abit of a walk away from the center although they have an underground system nearby but we always walked it as it wasn't that far.

Hostel the Globe Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

the location is perfect, right in the heart of the red light district, but still only a few minutes walk from the train station and all amenities. we started off our backpacking around Europe trip in Amsterdam and we couldn't of chose a better hostel there. yes its pricey but as you'll find with Amsterdam everything is. I highly recommend The Bulldog, as the place to go at night.