Reviews: Anonymous


The hostel was pretty good and I really liked the bar. The staff were friendly and funny. My biggest concerns were with the lack of air conditioning and the toilet facilities. The shower area didn't drain very well and caused the bathrooms to flood. The morning I was there, there were no toilet paper and the floor was flooded. Also, no soap in the bathroom.

Twentytu Hi-Tech Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I didn't really like staying at this hostel and for the last night, instead of booking one more night, I choose to stay at a hotel somewhere else. It's located in an area that didn't seem that welcoming or safe. The staff were either hit or miss. Some were nice, but there were also some mean people as well. The guy who worked the night swift who was very rude when I asked if I can book one more night. He could have said he doesn't have the access, but he instead talked to me like I was an idiot.

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

This was the best hostel that I have ever stayed at. The hostel was clean and modern, and overall just beautiful. The rooms were cosy and comfortable. The beds were the best beds that I had stayed at in Europe and our room had air conditioning, which was a plus. Another great thing about Lisbon Lounge were the evening dinners. For 10 euros, there was salad, soup, bread, main course, and desert - all home made. Def. some of the best dinners I've had in Europe!

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

I stayed to nights at this hostel. The first night I stayed at a 4 person female dorm. The room was basic but comfortable. The room had two floors, which the facilities and luggage on the bottom and the beds at the top. This ensured that people were not bothered by people packing and getting ready in the morning; I had a great night. The second night I stayed at a 8 person room. The room was large so it was nice, however, it was in a building behind the hostel, which I thought was odd et unsafe.

Astor Queensway

London, England

I loved staying at Astor Quest, it was one of my best hostel experiences yet. The location is fantastic, just a 1 minute walk to Hyde Park, 5 mins to the Tube, and 30 mins to Oxford Street. The staff there were all very nice and helpful. I had a super early flight in the morning and checked out the day before but they let me stay in the common room for a few hours to charge my phone and print out my flight and hotel information. Next time I will stay there again!