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Fiesta Terrace Hostel

Rome, Italy

The staff became friendly after I went out of my way to say hello and ask them how there day was. The main issues with this hostel were that everything was broken from the air conditioner to the toilet seat to the television & most importantly that they refused payment up front and kept saying that we would pay later. There is no lobby & it is nearly impossible to find someone who works there - so not paying up front seemed shady. We thought we might be ripped off since everything was broken.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

This hostel and adjoining hotel, owned by the same family, are absolutely wonderful. I have stayed there twice and plan on staying at this hostel or hotel any time I visit Firenze. The environment is bright and welcoming, the rooms are clean and the area is safe and beautiful. Breakfast and internet access are included and there is a beautiful garden and terrace in the center of the hostel/hotel. This was also one of the most inexpensive hostels/hotels I have ever stayed at while in Italy!


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