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love this hostel. i loved the staff. they were amazing. the red headed Australian girl, the guy from spain with the pony tail and beard and the girl from spain with the recent haircut to her shoulders.. they were so amazing. made me laugh and we overly helpful with directions and places to go and visit in london. the hostel was nice and clean. i stayed at a hostel prior to this one and it was repulsive, so this one was amazing for the money you put in. its even cleaner than some hotels u stay at

Globe Trott Inns

London, England

I'm an easy going person easy to please. But I know in America they'd call this place "ghetto" this place was worth the money. Really inexpensive I'm glad for that. However the mold in the bathroom got me a little sick feeling. Like literally I was blowing black stuff from my nose w all the dust n mold. It's just an old building not the owners fault. The people were nice. I'm glad I met them. If u have an extra couple dollars u can sprnd stay in a hostel closer to the center