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Location: Ireland, Gender: Male, Age: 36

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Hostel was full so they transferred my private room booking into an adjacent & affiliated hotel, the Fitzgearld. Happy with my stay.

AAE Loyal Inn

Seattle, USA

HOTEL NOT A HOSTEL!!! It's a good hotel, good location near Seattle centre, quiet rooms etc. however, I was purposely looking for a hostel not a hotel. While my stay was fine, I feel mislead by hotel owners.

AAE Portland Downtown

Portland, USA

1. It's not hostel, it's a motel. 2. It's not called AAE. It's called Downtown Vale Inn. so, they are eitger lazy or lying on this werbsite. I was looking for hostel as I needed to be able to cook own food due to dietry constraints. This place was advertised as a hostel but it is a motel with no hostel facilities. 3. Getting over these nasty surprises, place is good as a motel. University location, quiet, not far from city centre 4. If advertising was HONEST from start, would like a lot

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa, Canada

Individual cell bedrooms were novel sleeping experience. Claustrophobic folk may wish to think twice. Only comment for consideration is hall way light gets turned off for the group tours of the historic building. This makes accessing rooms very tricky as one cannot see the combination lock.

Lavender Towers

Christchurch, New Zealand

No customer comment

Somewhere to Stay

Brisbane, Australia

Pool was shut. Laundry facility can't be used before 14.00. Single room I had booked had no direct access to fresh air, feeling very claustrophobic. The building is what it is, but for me, I would not choose again.

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Hi Enda. Sorry about our pool being closed. The area was being refurbished and it is now open. We also have rooms with and without windows. Rooms without windows are cheaper for this reason. Sorry about the washing too working on making it open earlier.

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

Good location, good hostel, good value. It's very close to Gare du Nord which is a plus. Not related to the hostel, but beware con artists at the station. Would recommend this venue.

Hotel Marial

Lourdes, France

Good location. Close enough to grotto to walk and far enough away to avoid most of the bustle and hustle. Hotel is an old building, which is factored into price.


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City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

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Wifi very slow. Munich branch gives good speed, why not Berlin?

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Thank you for your comment. We are working very hard on our wifi connection and already solved all connection problems in the lobby where we do have the best connection so far. We are very sorry that during your stay we could not offer you the same speed you already knew from our Hotel in Munich. We hope you had a good stay as well in our Hotel apart from the wifi connection. We are looking forward to welcome you soon in one of our MEININGER Hotels :-)