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Berlin, Germany

Good hostel if your main goal is having a good place to rest, and with lots of bars to enjoy the night close to you at the same time. If you are searching for the typical party hostel, where you can meet flocks of people from all over the world, maybe this is not the place. But if you just want a good place to rest, without the stress of big hostels, this place is excellent. Service oriented staff, always willing to answer questions and to help.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

It is the Hostel with the best facilities I have ever seen. Besides the building is really beautiful. Friendly staff and good value for money. The only problem for travelers who improvise with their accommodation is that the hostel is almost always full, so it is difficult to get a room unless yo do it some days in advance.

Kantaya Hostel

Puno, Peru

Good hostel, with an excellent location, and very friendly staff, always volunteering to solve all kind of doubts. Highly recommendable.

Hostal Sol de Oro

Arequipa, Peru

No customer comment

Hostel Kombinat

Wroclaw, Poland

The hostel is very well maintained, very clean, and in a perfect location, just a few meters from the main square in the city. The only flaw I can find is that everything works in a too informal way, and it can get confusing sometimes to know where you have to go to do the check in, check out, ask for any item, etc.. Because there is no reception at all, just a guy running the hostel, who is normally around. Bottom line, excellent hostel, I would rate it with a 8/10.


My overall opinion about the Hostel is almost perfect. The facilities were more than enough, the environment were it is located is impossible to improve, and the staff were really helpful all the time to assist us with any request we had. It is definitely a place to stay for somebody going to Yosemite Park.