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No real complaints. Its as a close as you can possibly get to a train station, about 30 seconds walk from the entrance to the train station. Wifi works a treat. The bathroom facilities are really nice, felt almost like a hotel. The beds were comfy. Each bed has a light and charging socket,which is always a nice touch.Breakfast is pretty decent I think for the price.

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Thank your very much for your great comment!! We are glad that you enjoyed your stay with us that much and we are looking forward to welcome you again in one of our MEININGER Hostels soon ;-) Your MEININGER Team!

Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald

Gimmelwald, Switzerland

Location is obviously perfect, being in Gimmelwald, its pretty impossible not to be. The hostel has a nice vibe, keeping with the name of "Mountain Hostel". The view from the dormitory is stunning. There's a piano and guitar for people to use which was a nice touch - though the guitar was terrible quality. Yeah, you pay for the shower which is kinda wierd. The staff told me it lasted for 8 minutes per franc, but it wasn't anywhere near that long. All in all, I had a great stay here, awesome!


This is one of those hostels where when you arrive you think to yourself "yeah, these guys know what they're doing". Everything is pretty much how it should be. No complaints. Everything works. Switzerland isn't a cheap place, but you do get good quality at least, and this hostel is no exception. Had a good time here and would return.


Florence, Italy

Its not in the very centre of Florence, but Florence is small so its just a nice 15 minute walk along the river to get to the heart of Florence; no big deal. Excellent value for money. Recently upgraded the wifi - works very well, fast. Staff was really nice, warm and genuine. This place doesn't have many reviews yet I think cos it's quite new; but really, this place is awesome value for money and I have no complaints. The hostel is an apartment converted into a hostel. I would definitely return

Thousand Sunny

Rome, Italy

This hostel isn't the closest to the centre of Rome, but walking to the nearby metro station really isn't that big of a deal. Its in a quiet local area which was kinda nice. The hostel is essentially an apartment converted into a hostel, but it was quite good - had a balcony and nice living area which was good for meeting people. Kitchen was great, had all the essentials. The staff was friendly, spoke minimal english, but could get by ok. No real complaints, and it was great value.


Great hostel, the beds were really nice with the privacy curtain and power points and USB charging socket for each bed. The bar downstairs was good also. Breakfast was reasonably good. Staff was nice. No complaints really.

Hotel Clarisse

Paris, France

I enjoyed my stay here, the staff were very nice and could speak reasonable good English which is nice. The room lacks a bar fridge, but for the price I think its reasonably good value. Close to the metro and tram line, and there is a supermarket 10 metres away which is convenient. The room was clean and I don't really have any complaints. Wifi worked ok, but for some reason didn't work on my friends laptop.

Hotel de la Buffa

Nice, France

Close to the beach which is nice. My room had a small fridge which was extremely handy. My main complaint is the wifi - it only worked some of the time. Staff barely speaks any English at all, so be prepared for that. Other than that, its good little hotel which is fairly close to centre.

Manena Hostel

Genoa, Italy

This hostel was excellent. I only stayed one night here as I was passing through (which it seems is the case with many people),but if I were to come back to Genoa, I would definitely come here. The staff were very helpful and friendly, in fact one the staff was even nice enough to invite all the guests of the hostel to his friends private BBQ on the beach! The place was clean, facilities were excellent-full blown kitchen including an oven, microwave and dishwasher.Wifi worked well. It was great!

Sul Porto

Cinque Terre, Italy

Great hostel, it felt like I was living there like a local would - the hostel is pretty much just like any of the other houses in the town, and its right near the main street, in the heart of the town - great location. Room was clean. Very happy with my stay here for two nights. There was even a snorkel set on one of the shelves which I used, didn't have to hire one - bonus!! Riomaggiorie is a reasonably calm town, my stay here was relaxed and chilled. Come here to get away from the busyness.

Brazen Backpackers

London, England

Very friendly and welcoming staff. Room was clean. Really convenient being close to the two underground stations. The surrounding suburb seems to be quite nice and quiet. It was quite peaceful. Not really a party hostel, but good if you want more of a chilled, easy going time. Free breakfast was reasonably good.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No customer comment

The Bulldog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Right in the heart of Amsterdam, good staff, good free breakfast. Great hostel. My only complaint is that the locking mechanism on my locker wasn't secure at all.The locker doors have a latch which is twisted and then padlocked, but this whole mechanism is fastened to the locker door with a thread and nut (tightened from inside the locker) - but my thread was a bit loose so that anyone could just twist the latch with the padlock and still open the door!! Needless to say, I didn't use the locker.