Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Hostel One Sants was the best hostel I've stayed at. The excellent service started right as we entered the doors. Adri, the dude at reception, was a huge help and informed us about the destinations we should hit up while in Barcelona. In addition, he told us about special deals to make our visit even more affordable. The people were amazing, the rooms had AC, and the rest of the facilities were excellent as well. On top of all this, they served us free homemade dinner! Hostel One was perfect.

Ecohostel Andromeda

Gent, Belgium

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with this hostel. The service was above-average. They made sure to tell us about everything they had to offer once we got there. The dorms were dorms. Nothing special. The complimentary breakfast filled me up. It's a very hippie-style atmosphere, so if you're into that, I'd definitely recommend here.