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Location: Germany, Gender: Male, Age: 30

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Stayed 3 nights at Athens Backpackers. The location of the hostel is good and it is easy to get there. Rooms are basic but do their job and provide lockers, beds are a bit squeaky. Bathrooms could be newer but are generally clean like all of the hostel. But best of the all is definitely the rooftop bar with a great view at the Akropolis. In the evening a lot of people hang around there and it is easy to meet up with other travelers and having a good time together.

Sydney Harbour YHA

Sydney, Australia

Stayed just one night for a stopover. But it was a nice stay. The rooms are spacious with lockers and a light as well as a power point at the bed. Bathrooms ensuite and on the floor. Best of all is the location at the Rocks, this area is the best in Sydney. Have been in Sydney before but hanging around at this area in the evening is great though not that cheap like the hostel as well. Unfortunately I can't say anything about the social aspect of the hostel.


Gilligan's is definitely the party-hostel in Cairns. The bar is the party place to go in Cairns, therefore if you want to go out, you're right at this place. There, you can meet locals as well as backpackers from other hostels. The hostel itself is good as well, nice clean rooms with bathroom ensuite and lockers for your valuables. Although the bar is right next to the hostel the rooms are quiet. But like all big hostels, it is not that social like a small one. Still a good place to stay.

Nomads Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach, Australia

Stayed in a 8 bed deluxe room, which had a bathroom ensuite. The rooms are spacious, clean and with air con. Therefore a very good hostel. Unfortunately you have to pay deposit for everything in the kitchen, so nut just the cutlery, but also for pans, pots and knifes, which is anoying. The hostel has its own bar, which isn't very cheap, therefore not many people did hang around there. Because of the bar, you're not allowed to byo and it is like there is no real common area to meet people.

Pippies Beach House Rainbow Beach

Rainbow Beach, Australia

Relaxed and chilled out atmosphere. The hostel is clean and rooms are basic but unfortunately without AC. But nice common area outside to hang around and meet some people. But definitely not a party hostel.

Brisbane City Backpackers

Brisbane, Australia

Stayed two nights in City Backpackers and it was okay. Clean hostel though nothing special. Can't say anything about socialising in the hostel, because I was in Brisbane to meet friends and therefore to me it was just a bed to sleep. But still it is clean, rooms have AC, though they are nothing special at least spacious. Easy to get there from bus station.

Backpackers Holiday Village

Byron Bay, Australia

A good hostel with a great atmosphere. Great common area where you meet a lot of people, especially in the evening. Had a really good time there and therefore extended my stay from 3 to 5 nights, but still could have stayed longer. All in all the hostel is clean and there is not much you really could complain about. The only thing is, that they have no air conditioning and kind of typically no lockers. The staff is really friendly and booked my surflessons for me. Which was great.

Bounce Sydney

Sydney, Australia

A very good hostel, but not that cheap. Spacious rooms with air conditioning and huge lockers with power plugs, perfect. Very clean as well and easy to get there. Had a good atmosphere at the common area, so easy to meet people. Mixed age of people, when I was there, which was really good. The only complaint, no free wifi.

United Backpackers

Melbourne, Australia

A good hostel right in the CBD, so relatively easy to get there. The rooms are spacious and clean, especially the beds are really good and have lockers. Free wifi in the common area. But at least when I was there, just very young people seemed to stay in the hostel, so some older ones would have been cool to go out with. In general few activities in the hostel. All in all a fair hostel to stay in, but due to socialising and the very young people I would choose another one next time.

Hostel DownTown

Prague, Czech Republic

We stayed for 3 nights in a double room. The room was spacious and clean with bathroom ensuite. So nothing to complain and perfect for couples, in a kind of way like a Hotel. The location is perfect, easy to get there and everything in walking distance. So if you look for a calmer hostel, to be on your own, this hostel is perfect. But of course therefore it is not that a social hostel, where you meet a lot of people to go partying.

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Hello Daniel, thanks for comment you did. I am happy to read that you enjoyed your stay with us and it looks that hostel Downtown was a good choice :-) We have almost daily activities to increase social atmosphere but sometimes (specially during not so crowded winters days) is not going so well. But we are trying to do our best. YOu are very welcome to stay with us during summer and then we will see. Greetings from freezing Prague (24.1.2014)m jakub, manager.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Stayed 5 nights in Way Histel and had a really good time there. Met cool people there and with them it was a lot of fun. There are different activities in the hostel especially in the evening like Tapas-Tour or of course Pubcrawls. The hostel is clean and very good located. There is a big commen area to hang around. The thing with the lockers is true, i was glad that my padlock worked for this kind of locker, but I had two with me and fortunately one did work.


Had a really good time in Granada and the Oasis. Was supposed to stay 3 nights and ended up with 5. Met great people there and had an amazing time. The tour with Mickey was great, we had so much fun. All in all I can recommend this hostel to everyone, it is clean and good located and as I said some cool activities. Unfortunately the rooms don't have an air conditioning and also the lockers are a bit small. But otherwise nothing to complain.

Cadiz Inn Backpackers

Cadiz, Spain

The hostel is okay to stay in Cadiz and have a bed. It is clean and therefore nothing to complain. But there are too few bathrooms and also no air conditioning in the rooms, which makes it sometimes hard to sleep. My bed squeaked everytime when I moved around. I missed the good atmosphere of other hostels. But as I said before, if you want a bed, calm nights and stay at the beach all day in Cadiz this hostel is fine, but don't expect much more.


Had a good time in the oasis palace and therefore stayed one night longer than planed. The roof terrace is great to hang around and relax, exactly what I needed. The room in which I stayed was big und had my preferred lockers under the bed, where you can put really all your stuff in it. The hostel was clean and all in all I can really recommend it to everyone. The walking-tours offered by the hostel are great, but the pubcrawl wasn't really good. But Seville offers many places to go out.

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

Great location near downtown area. The rooms are not too big, so sometimes it is a bit difficult with the stuff of all the people. But everything is clean and rooms have got air conditioning, which is great. The free dinner is just great, nearly everbody took part and you got to know all the people. Perfect when you travel alone, because after dinner people go out together. The staff is amazing, they help you with everything, e.g. booked the sagrada familia for me... Had a good time there.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

My stay at the Yes Hostel was awesome. The location is great everything in downtown in walking distance. The hostel is super clean, I stayed in a 6 bed dorm and it was that spacious. Free breakfast and for 10 € you can also get an awesome dinner every evening. Great to get to know people! Also a lot of activities like pubcrawls and walking tours. The tour to Sintra was amazing, thank you Luis. But best of all is definitely the staff, thank you guys for the great time in Lisbon.


It was a great time in the oasis. Very clean hostel with a lot of activities. We went out every evening and had a lot of fun. I can definitely recommend this hostel. The Lockers under the bed are big enough to pack your backpack in. Breakfast for 3€, perfect. If you want to meet people and have a good time, stay at the oasis.