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Hunny Hostel Bandung

Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the perfect jumping off point for a eastward trek through Indonesia and Hunny hostel is amazing for giving you advice and setting up your next travel destination in Java. The facilities are typical dorm style with a hot shower available on the first floor. What makes the hostel so amazing is the close proximity to the food market and also the amazing staff. I even forgot my watch there and the staff emailed me promptly to arrange for my watch to be sent to the next destination.


Istanbul, Turkey

Good place tucked behind the Tower. Close to Taksim Square and short walk to the Tram station. The tram will take you directly for Sultanahmet

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great experience at Istanbul Hostel. The accomodations are nice, the wireless internet works throughout the hostel, and the staff is present 24/7 so I was never afraid of break-ins or a loss of my things. Highly recommended, especially for those who want to experience the sights of Sultanahmet.