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MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The only problem I had with this hostel was the staff. They were pretty curt with me, like I was bothering them by asking how to get back into town, or if they had towels, etc. otherwise, it was like a giant hostel hotel that was very clean and orderly. I enjoyed my stay quite a bit :)


It was a nice hostel. Nothing too special, but definitely nothing wrong with it, either. I enjoyed my stay. The staff was nice and helpful. The location was a wee bit out of the way, but I enjoyed the walk into town. And there's a metro not far from the hostel, so it all worked out.

Tasso Hostel

Florence, Italy

Can I rate this hostel more than excellent? I've never stayed at a hostel more relaxed, more social, more awesome than this. The owner sat and had drinks with you, the staff was crazy nice and helpful, the bar was amazing, and the location was perfect. I miss it already! I'd live here if I could!

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

The lockers were a bit small, so it was not possible to lock all of your belongings away, but other than that, everything was fantastic. Bring earplugs, though! Sleeping with 100 people is, understandably, not a quiet experience. The bathrooms were really clean. The atmosphere was great. I met some awesome people! I would definitely stay here again.