Reviews: Anonymous

Alberg Juvenil Sa Vinyeta

Menorca, Spain

Good hostel for the money, close to the city center and it was a fun stay. The only two issues I had was the air conditioner was not good at all. I was sweating most nights and they have a massive kitchen, but you can't cook anything in it. Overall a good hostel and I would stay there again!

Twentytu Hi-Tech Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I have been traveling Europe for the past 6 months and I have stayed at over 30 hostels and this is the first time I have felt that I needed to write a review. WORST FACULTY EVER The night manager got upset at someone staying there and ran outside, grabbed two brick and tried to beat the person up. My friends and I all saw this happen in disbelief and called the cops. The next day the owner just blew it off like it was nothing! DONT STAY HERE!