Reviews: Anonymous


Amsterdam, Netherlands

We stayed in a very nice apartment, a welcome change from the hostels previously. Very full featured, the room was spacious and the kitchen was nice, it really felt like being in a home for our last nights of our trip. Everything was incredibly clean, and I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to have something a bit quieter and more home-y than a hostel without paying too much.

The Bulldog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Had to stay in the Bulldog a second time, even if it was only available for 2 of the 4 nights we were staying in Amsterdam. Such a fun place, the lounge is what makes the stay so awesome. Keeps all the fun downstairs so the bedrooms are nice and quiet. Staff were always very nice, and the free breakfast in the morning is the best we had on our Europe trip. Staying in the Bulldog when I'm in Amsterdam is a must.

Studio 45

Brussels, Belgium

Our first of two stays in apartments on our Europe trip, rather than a hostel, and we are so glad we chose Studio 45! Only thing negative I can think of is that I wish we stayed longer. Jean-Yves was incredibly nice and helpful when we met him, and stayed in contact via email throughout our stay to give us advice on places to see. INCREDIBLE value, the apartment is so nice! Exactly as in the pictures. We were very happy with our stay, and hopefully next time we'll be able to stay here again.

Hoffmanns Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Ole was very helpful and kind, and put us in the biggest room of the hostel since we were staying 4 nights. It is an incredible value for the price, it made us really happy that we were able to get a private room for so cheap. On a map the location might not seem the best, but we thought it was perfect. Berlin's metro is so efficient, we preferred being a bit away from things since it was nice and quiet, but easy to access the rest of the city! We'll be back next time we visit!

Basel Back Pack

Basel, Switzerland

This hostel was so good that it really made me regret only being in Basel for a "layover" of sorts and only there for one night, since we just had a great stay. Incredible value for the money for the private room, staff were very helpful and kind, and the free public transport pass was awesome! The hostel bar is pretty cool, and close to a local brewery! I have added Basel to the list for next time, and we will most definitely be staying here when we come again.


Zurich, Switzerland

One of our favorite places on the trip, which says a lot since my girlfriend and I stayed in a 12 bed room and our other favorites of the trip were privates. This place is all about the vibe, the downstairs bar with free music is just awesome, and the staff are all really nice, warm, and helpful people. A hostel where you get can get the vibe of the city without leaving, which is really cool. And when leaving, public transport is very nearby.

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

Perfect for solo travelers, maybe not the best place for a couple, but it was fine for my girlfriend and I. During our stay quiet times did not seem to be enforced, as each night included being awoken by partying guests. Besides this, our stay was just fine, and if you want to meet people to go out with and are interested in the nightlife, this is probably an awesome choice. Good free breakfast, nice facilities perfect for chilling out after a long day out in the city, and the staff were great.


Very clean, very spacious private room, and great for the money. It was located in as good of a spot as any for my girlfriend and I, we were able to access the metro very easily. Free breakfast was good, and the staff were as helpful as could be. Exactly what we needed in Madrid.