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What a fantastic place to stay!

Hostel Andrew

Rome, Italy

I had a great stay here! I was very impressed with the cleanliness and the atmosphere of this hostel. Fantastic price and I would definitely stay here again.

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

I had a very nice stay here. Great location, very clean, and the staff was very helpful and friendly.

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thank you dear guest, see you soon,

Pension Glockenhaus

Innsbruck, Austria

I only stayed here for one night while passing through Innsbruck and it was fine as a place to stay while I was in the city for less than ten hours but I wouldn't use this hostel again if I was staying any longer than that. The staff wasn't so friendly, the facilities weren't so great, but it was reasonably priced and in a nice location. There were no locks on the rooms, which made me a little bit nervous.

Prague Square Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Staying in this hostel was awesome! I can't imagine a better location for a hostel. It was also very clean, has a kitchen, free towels, and free breakfast and sandwiches! I wish I could have stayed here longer


This hostel was very clean and very nice. It was a lot like a hotel! There were a lot of things to do inside the hostel and it had a great view of the mountains. The facilities were very modern and the staff was very friendly. The free breakfast had limited options, but was delicious. And free towels!

The Tent Village

Interlaken, Switzerland

This hostel was awesome! Great location close to the mountains, a small shopping center and bus stop right across the street, a bar in the tent village, and tons of awesome things to do! Great atmosphere and just a very fun place.

Hostel TO

Turin, Italy

I only stayed here one night and ended up sleeping in a dorm all by myself, which I wasn't expecting. However, there were a lot of bugs on the wall and on the mattress of the bed bunked above mine!! The shower was extremely small and there was no place to put my towel. The staff I encountered didn't speak English, but she seemed nice enough.