Reviews: Anonymous

Generator Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

This place has one of the best bars I've ever seen for a hostel!


This hostels beds are terrible and probably older than I am (25). The wifi doesn't reach the rooms so you have to sit in the lobby just to use it which sucks. The amount you pay for it is very good, but I would just as well pay a little more and get a better place.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This chain is amazing. Truly more of a hotel than a typical hostel. So nice and clean, which a fantastic staff makes this place not even feel like you're backpacking. Some people don't like it because they tend to want the backpacking feel of hostels, but if during your trip you want a more upscale break from the typical hostel, this is it!

Phoenix Hostel

London, England

For London on a budget, this was about as good as it could get. It's VERY hard to find this place, but once you do it's fairly close to the Tube, so you can get around London pretty easily. To this day London is the most expensive city I've ever been to, so be ready to be drained!