Reviews: Anonymous

Saint James Backpackers

London, England

We stayed in St.James for 3 nights in a 8 bed mixed dorm. Everything went well. The only complaints we had were trying to access the wifi with so many other people on it and the hallways weren't carpet so you can hear people walking & closing doors throughout the hallway. Bathrooms were clean but very small showers and everything was always wet because they didnt have paper towels in some of the bathrooms. Make sure to bring your own towel if not you can rent one from them.


Interlaken, Switzerland

We stayed 3 nights and the place wasnt the best but decent for what we paid. Be careful with direction and getting there it is confusing. We tried to follow the directions given from the website & it took us the complete opposite way. We later found out there is 2 different funny farm places and that your going to the "Mattenhof" Resort Funny Farm. It was easiest for us to turn left by the big open meadow of grass & walk through there. The sign is not very big at the entrance to see it either.