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ACBB Hostel Niagara

Niagara Falls, Canada

Had a great time in Niagara Falls and at this hostel in particular. Patrick, the owner is a great guy looking to make your stay and travel as enjoyable and adventurous as possible. He knows all the ins and outs around the area so all you gotta do is ask him. Bathrooms are real nice too, hopefully he'll have the problem with the air conditioning fixed soon. Enjoy your travels!


These are college dorms that are rented out during the summer when a lot of the rooms become vacant. Being that it was a college dorm I was expecting a little more excitement and social activities, the few students that remain however are mostly asian and very quiet and to themselves. Since I was traveling by myself as I usually am in my travels I was hoping to meet some new people as I always do when traveling but that did not happen this time. There is one bathroom per floor in the dorms