Reviews: Anonymous

Roger's House

San Sebastian, Spain

Best staff. Mario and Carlos!!!!! Friendly, amazing location and a cozy feel, as you will meet everyone in the hostel because of the small size. Highly recommended.


The location isn't the greatest. But you just take a 10 minute subway to the heart of paris. Great staff, very clean and easy to meet people in the kitchen and courtyard

Hostel Mango

Prague, Czech Republic

When I was there, it was really hard to meet people. People stuck to themselves and didn't make the effort to be in the common room. However, this is just ONE experience. It's still clean, great location and price.


Well, if you're staying here to visit London, its not a great location. The subway is VERY expensive, so thats why its a tough location. No real common room, so its hard to meet other travellers. Not a great price either

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

It used to be a CHURCH! WAA. Please stay here. You will not regret it. Common room is great. Kitchen is big. Location is good. AND CHEAP!