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La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

This hostel is on the higher end of the scale as far as 8 bed dorms go - the cost is worth it. The hostel itself is beautiful and there is almost as much to do in the hostel as there is outside. Unfortunately when I was there the place was pretty well empty but when it is full I think this place would be an absolute blast to stay at.

The Adventure Brew Hostel

La Paz, Bolivia

I loved staying here - the people were amazing and the bar was always lively. The only issue I had was with the front end staff. There were always long lines of backpackers trying to check in or check out. The staff was not friendly or helpful - on one occasion I asked Jorge if he knew which bus line I should take to sucre and he shrugged and acted like I hadn't asked anything. Staff aside this is a great hostel and I would actually come back if I had the chance.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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Perfect place to stay. My favourite hostel out of the seven weeks I travelled. Easy to meet people, laid back atmosphere, wonderful rooms!

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is not really an Amsterdam hostel in my opinion. Lovely place, great people, nice that they have a shuttle but you should only be staying here if you want a chill camp-like feeling. If you want to be sleeping in Amsterdam, choose a place in Amsterdam. The shuttle service is great, the people are lovely, but I just don't want people to make the same mistake I did. This place is highly recommended for anyone staying in Amsterdam for more than 2 days!

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Thanks for your comment. As written clearly in the description of the hostel, we are not situated in the city of Amsterdam, thank you for pointing it out again in a review. We appreciate it as we truly want our guests to feel welcome and happy at Lucky Lake Hostel.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

It was the most expensive hostel I stayed in, and it was an interesting experience. I don't blame the hostel for the kids who were more interested in their computers than in talking with eachother but it certainly hampered the experience. The idea of sleeping next to several embassies was really cool. Hyde park was seriously 2 minutes away. Super cool experience.

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

It's a really weird feeling in this hostel. I was uncomfortable from the moment I first walked into the bar at the base of the place. It's the cheapest hostel I could find but it's still out in the boonies (that's really no fault of the hostel). The facilities however, very dirty. The bathrooms are so cramped and the lights don't really work. I didn't feel comfortable taking a shower since it was in my room which itself was cramped. Being the middle bunk didn't make things better.

Red Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Seriously the best hostel in Madrid. Had a great time while I stayed here. It's inexpensive but you get everything you need from a hostel including the best staff in town, hands down. Wish I could have stayed longer!

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Terrific facility for meeting people. Really enjoyed my stay there.


I had a pretty good stay, my biggest complaint is that i didnt have the strongest repore with the other hostel guests, but that is not the fault of the hostel. I did find it really strange for a hostel not to have complimentary lockers, and strange for the available lockers not to be large enough to fit the whole bag. Overall it was a good hostel.