Reviews: Anonymous


the location and the breakfast are the two things that make this hostel to get a score above the 50%. beds are terrible staff is very ignorent and not at all helpful. doors in the dorm made such a noise that it is wakes even the dead.

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

a very nice hostel located on walking distance from the mall. The Staff is outstanding especially precious how brings a very cool reggea vibe to the place. breakfast is also very good.


A hostel in Queens around 45 min from manhatten with bus en metro and not 25 min like the hostel promise you. the hostel is pretty expensive for the facilities you get but then again it is one of the most cheapist in NY and not to bad. De staff members are very ingonorent in helping you except voor a argentine girl (i forgot her name) how really made an effort in helping me around.

Espace Globetrotter

Rimouski, Canada

this hostel is extremly expensive for having just a unclean bed a staff that speaks hardly any english, a computer where the internet works in slowmotion as if you where back in 1999 and a very filthy kitchen. The only thing that is good is the look on the door but a other door that leads to the drom is always unlocked, a very strange construction. my advies tot every traveler is tot stay at Hi hostel in riviere du loup and make an excursion from there tot le bic park.

Auberge Internationale Rivière-du-Loup

Riviere-du-Loup, Canada

a great hostel with are great crew. lots of activities eatch day and a great dinner every night. the staff is really nice and helpfull and really make a affort to enjoy yourself. special thanks to Eva, Army,Melanie Claire, Vincent and side kick matheu. hope i didnt forget anybody.


a very old and dirty hostel with very bad beds who where to small and didn't look like they get cleaned and there are no locks on main entrance and dorm. You also had to pay for the linnens. But on the other hand the location is great the breakfast is good and there is a nice courtyard where u can meet people.

Montreal Central

Montreal, Canada

A hostel with a great location and with lots of activities to do during the night, from rockabilly nights till live bands very good.

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa, Canada

a absolute great hostel in a old jail, very cool experience. Staff was very helpfull. There are alot of theme partys in the bar. Breakfast is the best I had compared to other hostels. 2 days in Ottawa are enough but the hostel makes it hard to leave Ottawa.

Global Village Backpackers

Toronto, Canada

a great spott in the middel of Toronto. But hostel was very dirty and most off the staff members gave the impression that they really had better things to do than to work in this hostel. the Bar downstairs was great had alot of fun there and met lots of other bakcpackers and also lokales.


A really nice hostel with an absolute great staff especially Kristin and the Indian girl (so sorry I forgot her name) and Lana how showed me the city. Although Regina is not a very special place tot be in Canada the hostel gives a lot of extra class to the place.

Cambie Hostel - Gastown

Vancouver, Canada

Nice but very old hostel in the middel of gastown. toilets en showers where not very clean and the sleeping bunks allmost fell apart. But the bar below and the nice cafe made up for a lot of the poor facilities. I want to make a big compliment to Rebecca (one of the staf members) for puttin a lot of afford in helping me get around in Vancouver and for the nice chats ervery morning as I got my breakfast ticket.