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Green Forest Hostel

Guilin, China

I stayed in this hostel in both a double and a dorm. Paying extra for the double is DEFINITELY worth it- our bed was huge and extremely comfortable and our room had a large window overlooking the lake (albeit the single pane windows made the room a bit noisy). The double was pretty basic: clean but dark and dingy. The common room is great and so is the food; drinks are very decently priced and they have a cat! The staff was great and speaks perfect English. One of my favorite hostels ever.

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Hi. Thank you so much for your great feedback . we are really worry about our service might not good enough as it was a busy holiday with a large number of guests . we are so happy that you have a lovely stay at our hostel and we are glad we were able to help to on your journey. welcome back anytime .

Showbiz Inn at West Street

Yangshuo, China

I stayed in the 6 person dorm and it was clean and spacious. The upstairs shower room is amazing (one of the best hostel showers ever) and laundry is free. The staff knows everything there is to know about anything to do in and around Yangshuo but sometimes they make excursions sound easier than they actually are (navigating by bike is confusing). Location is perfect in an alley off West Street. Great vibe, easy to make friends, and walking distance from the bus station.

Ashoka Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Very clean but very cramped. I stayed in a four bedroom dorm and I'm pretty sure all 4 of us could not stand on the floor at one time. There is a common room, but it's insanely hot in the summer and smells like Indian food (I think the staff heats up their lunches in there), so it's always empty. Overall, location is great in Kowloon- right on Nathan street near the Avenue of Stars. I just hated getting harassed by the Indian men in the lobby and outside to buy watches, handbags etc

Lete Youth Hostel

Xining, China

I enjoyed staying at this hostel. The beds were nice and the common area had a good vibe, although the internet was spotty. I met some cool people traveling in the area, and I enjoyed the yogurt breakfast. The only thing I didn't like was the showers. They were pretty gross, cold and had zero water pressure. I stayed here in the summer and I was shivering through the entire shower. If they fixed up the internet and the showers this hostel would be awesome.