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36 ROOMS Berlin Kreuzberg

Berlin, Germany

Pretty good over all


Not a bad hostel, not a great hostel. Just alright, I would recomend it though if you are looking for a quiet neighborhood to relax in.

Hostel California

Milan, Italy

Hostel is terrible, more so because of the staff than anything else. I can forgive a hostel for being unclean, unorganized, lacking in amenities, but the extremely poor staff quality I received at this hostel is unforgivable. I will forever remember that this is a terrible place and will forever tell people about the horrendous quality of service, and other problems, I faced here.

West Two London

London, England

Internet hardly works, all the bathrooms have mold, only half the bathrooms work, a ceiling collapsed while i was here, few kitchen facilities, and the staff just didn't seem very friendly at all, and apparently they have had notorious problems with theft. For this same price i have stayed in hostels much better, granted it is pretty inexpensive to stay here but i wouldn't stay for very long.

Edinburgh Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

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