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It's a nice hostel but very impersonal. There's not a common place for people to meet except in the bar/restaurant area, which isn't the most pleasant place. The hostel is very big and feels more like a hotel. I like the beds since they have curtains over them and little strips for you to plug things in and have a reading light. The bathroom floor was always covered in water from the showers. It was an OK place and was pretty inexpensive. Good location, right by train station. Easy to get around

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Hey, Thank you for your opinions. We are working very hard on opening all areas of the hostel and with the opening of the chill-out lounge downstairs this will provide the area you feel was missing fro guests to mingle more than they do in the bar and restaurant. The bathrooms are something we've been working on and the excess water will not be there for long, thank you for informing us. St Christopher's Inn GDN

Victoria House Hostel

Nice, France

A perfectly good little hostel. Val, the guy who runs it, is very nice and helpful. There are towels and beach mats to borrow, and Val is happy to give suggestions of places to go and eat. Really close to the beach. The bathrooms are a little bit unappealing and small, but otherwise it's a nice place. Everyone's friendly and wants to hang out, go to the beach. Nice place.


Perfectly good place. Location is really good, close to the Coliseum and the metro/train station is only a couple blocks away. Easy to find. The bathrooms kind of smell like urine, but I was told that is common in Rome due to all the buildings being old and having old plumbing. There's a couple of common areas, but no one really talks to each other, so it's hard to meet people in the hostel. Also I had both an en suite and a regular room. Bathroom in en suite is much better than shared bathroom.

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Staff is super nice and I really enjoyed talking to the people there. The city was just ok, but I really liked all of the people there. There's also a little dog and he's adorable. Everything's clean and nice, and there's a cool system on the TV that has a bunch of movies to watch for free. Great place, great people.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The staff is super nice and friendly, but there are a couple of draw backs. I've stayed 4 nights and every night my room has been super hot. Also there isn't any internet in your room, only in the reception and basement. This makes skyping or talking to family virtually impossible without background noise and everyone hearing your conversation. The location I'm told is kind of a sketchy area, but I didn't have any problems. Overall it's a perfectly OK place, but the staff is exceptional.

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The location is actually fine - we don't have any problems but like any other capital city you don't wander around late at night alone. With so many big dorms we can't really have wifi in the rooms - it would upset guests if other hostellers were talking late into the night on Skype or tapping on keys. Thanks for your lovely comments about our staff - we think they are great.