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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Phongsavanh Resort

Vang Vieng, Laos

Very good hotel run by a nice and helpful Englishman. Rooms were large, clean, and had good a/c. The resort had a pleasant courtyard and was secluded from the rest of town, but only about 5 minutes away by walking. My only compliant would be that the hot water never really got much more than like warm, but was an otherwise excellent stay.

Villa Thony 1 House 1

Luang Prabang, Laos

The room atmosphere was pleasing, clean, and well decorated. The staff was friendly but some spoke little English (other than one man who was around during the day). I was very pleased by the laundry service due to the fact that the old lady was scissoring off the pilling of my worn traveling clothes. It is about 10-15 minutes from the Main Street, but there is some stuff close by as well. Dispite appearing clean the bathroom stunk and the shower water was barely more than luke-warm.

Happy Guest House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

The rooms were big, clean, and had a nice atmosphere. Staff was very friendly and helped us arrange a tuk tuk to Angkor Wat starting at 12 usd per day. Food was good and inexpensive and laundry was 1 usd per kilo. Good ac kept us cool at night. We had a great stay here and I will remember it as as one of the best hostels in south east Asia. My only complaint is it is a 15 minute walk to downtown, or a 1-2 dollar tuk tuk ride depending on your bargaining.

Me Mates Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The good reviews on hostelworld set me up for disappointment, because it was average at best. Poor AC made me wake up sweaty, also shower water pressure was usually extremely low and had very little hot water. Landry cost 250% more than normal and they did not allow guests to hang their own clothes to dry.. Hotel organized tuk tuks were more than twice what I payed on the street and travel advice was often wrong. Staff seemed genuinely nice and the lounge atmosphere was good.

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Thank very much for value guests who read my response. I would inform to future guests that my villa have just open about 4 months, and everything is NEW, especially the AC. There is a remote control AC in each dorm room, and you are able to manage the temperature by your own. Some guests might not need too cold while other guests feel not cold; it is the same way of hot shower water. For the laundry, I mentioned on, it is $2.5/Kg for machine wash, and $1.5/Kg for hand wash

Hai Long Vuong

Da Lat, Vietnam

Rooms were clean, well decorated, and had all necessary facilities. Motorbike rentals were new and cost $5. 10 minute walk to downtown, even closer to crazy house. The staff was super nice and we had a great stay.

Hoa Binh Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

Good room, great location, staff is hit or miss. The breakfast buffet is included and excellent. Tours and bus tickets are overpriced so shop elsewhere, and the tailor review booked is doctored.

Sunny A Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

We holed up here during a typhoon and still had good service and a nice room at a good value. About a 20-25 minute walk to the imperial palace and right next door to good food. Highly recommended.

Hanoi LakeSide Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

The laundry service lost three items of clothing worth 60 USD and made amends by buying us cheap replacements that would be maybe $15-20 in our home country. We were also sold tickets on a bus to ninh binh that ended up being a tour bus with over an hour of layovers and dropped us off two km away from the bus station, and provided wrong directions how to get there. We also bought train tickets from the hostel that was 2 hours longer than advertised. The hostel itself was adequate.


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The Sleepy Teepee

Yangshuo, China

The walk from the bus station was a 40 minute walk from the bus station and the hostel is around a 30 minute walk from resturants or shops, making the Sleepy Teeppy a very inconvienient choice for backpackers. We stayed in two different rooms, so in this review I tried to average the ratings of both. The double was very nice and clean, but the teepee was quite the opposite. Spiders the size of my hand in the bathroom. Teepee had no secure door and was open to insects and had no AC.


The hostel itself was excellent, but I was very annoyed by the directions. The directions stopped at Dazhai which is a 40 minute walk from the hostel. Since the hostel did not tell us which way to go, we asked the locals who led us in the wrong direction (probably because we don't speak chinese), and were lost for 3 hours. There are many trails that can be taken, and only one leads to the hostel, I cannot believe we were not informed about which one to take.


This hostel was clean, cheap, and charming but the bathroom left something to be desired. I would recommend.

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Thank you so much for choosing us and the kindly give us those useful suggestion . Hope we could see you again soon . Happy travel and take care of yourself .

Mr. Panda Hostel

Chengdu, China

Great stay, loved the staff and kitty!


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Hanwood Youth Hostel

Xi'an, China

They never arrived for the pick up we arranged and changed 12rmb for towels. The stay was adaquete but nothing special. The location is a 20-30 minute bus to downtown, but close to the big wild goose pagoda. We switched to another hostel in xian and had a much better stay.

Hanwood Youth Hostel

Xi'an, China

They missed our pick up and charge 12 Yuan for useing a towel, but other than that it was not a bad stay. Location is a 20-30 minute bus from downtown, so I would suggest getting a hostel at a better location. Some staff speak english but some do not.

Yamen Hostel

Pingyao, China

The atmosphere was excellent but you can tell that all the money goes into the lobby and not the dirty bathroom. The price was very cheap and an amazing value for the money.

Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

The hostel was nice and staff was friendly. It was also a large hostel and a bit loud.

Sam Won Jang

Busan, South Korea

It is clean and cheap but staff speaks only a little english and will not be helpful with tourist information. This aside t was a great stay in a great location.

Guesthouse Momojein

Gyeong-ju, South Korea

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Seoul, South Korea

Great location and a generally nice hostel.


When we entered it felt like we were intruding on a private room, and there there was no one to check us in for twenty minutes. The towels were gross and sheets were ripped. Staff was nice but usually unavailable. The bathroom did not feel clean. The was our worst hostel so far, we switched to the windflower which had a cleaner and more professional atmosphere.