Reviews: Anonymous

Sunshine Hostel

Rome, Italy

Excellent hostel! My friend and I got in after check in (oops!!) but the staff was very kind about it and handled it very professionally, unlike in other places (Funny Farm, Interlaken, yuck). Great, great staff, nice coffee in the morning, sunshiny interior, and very safe and secure building. The atmosphere was happy, it was quiet but we still were able to socialize, and the facilities were very good. Highly recommended for those looking for a great, clean, and convenient place to stay!

Youthhostel Zermatt

Zermatt, Switzerland

I seriously cannot say enough good things about this hostel. Maybe it's because of our experience with the staff but we absolutely loved it here. The staff was very accommodating! When we needed an extra night, they did everything they could to let us stay there, even though they were booked. We also met some great people in the lobby but the hostel was fairly quiet in general. Good breakfast, and great showers. Not just a great hostel, EXCELLENT hostel! (minus the stairs needed to get there!!)


Great hostel, entirely because of its location. The staff was friendly and the location was unrivaled by any hostel in Europe. However, the showers were either too hot or too cold, the rooms were boiling hot, there wasn't much security, and there were no dining facilities since it shares a space with a pretty neat restaurant. Any flaw of the hostel though is entirely made up for in its location. It's in a palace for goodness sake! Also a sociable and clean hostel.

Day and Night Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

There was absolutely no security to the building. No card needed to get in to the building and no card needed to get in to the rooms. This was the only hostel in 6 weeks of traveling to have this! Otherwise it was cheap, convenient, and the staff was super friendly. Also very social yet still not too noisy at all! Besides the security issue, it was a pretty good place to spend the night.

Treestyle Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Staff was always willing to help. Met some great people in this friendly, social, yet also relatively quiet hostel. Overall this was a very fun, safe, convenient, and cheap place to stay! Nothing incredible to write but definitely nothing bad that I can think about.

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel. Very clean and new. It almost felt like staying in a nice hotel! Also very social yet still quiet. The location is pretty far from the main city but a 2 second walk to the train station which is a 5 min train ride to town. Very friendly staff who were always willing to help. Nothing bad to say about this hostel. It was clean, cheap, convenient, and had a great atmosphere. Highly recommended.