Reviews: Anonymous

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Showers need some updating. They were extremely clogged and would flood easily. An area to change would after showering would be appreciated. The sink in the rooms and bathrooms were also clogged and made loud strange noises when you would turn the faucet, like a pipe was about to burst! The atmosphere in the lobby was not inviting. The areas to "hang out" felt cold and didn't feel like a youth hostel. Traveling in a group would be fine but any solo travelers would feel lonely.


I liked our stay, we enjoyed the hospitality! The staff was very knowledgeable and gave us all the tips for the city. It was a fantastic location and was very quite at night. It felt very homey. There was no TV to show world cup games! :(


The staff was great! Friendly and really helpful!

Paddy's Palace Killarney

Killarney, Ireland

There is no place to hang out for solo travelers, the kitchen closes early, so you are either staying in your room or going out. The hostel is very small and in desperate need of more bathrooms for the dorms. There was technically only one real functioning bathroom for 16 people. (the tv room bathroom was disgusting). Other than that, the staff was very friendly!


Galway, Ireland

The hostel had a great location and breakfast. There was a TV room to watch world cup games. The staff were exceptionally helpful, in the middle of the night- I had to use the computer (for a family emergency) in the lobby and the guy working that night was nice enough to open up the lobby and computer area for me, so I could use it. but, the showers were a problem for me. They are timed. You have to push a button to get the water flowing and it lasts about 5 seconds.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

We loved staying at this place it had a beautiful view and after a hot day in the city going to a cool place(nice breeze on top of the hill) was very pleasant. The only down fall of the place is that it is on top of the hill and lots of stairs to get there. The directions are confusing but as the owner told us you can call them up and they would come and pick us up from the bus station. The room and facilities were very clean and the staff very friendly and gave us lots of info of the city.


This is our second time staying in this hostel. The staff is very friendly and they go out of their way to help. We had a problem with booking the ferry to Split and the staff the roman girl and the japanese guy both the staff helped us solve the problem. Thank you :) Very helpful! Very close to the beach, nice kitchen area where you make friends easy. Approved