Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Stay Hotel Schweiz

Munich, Germany

Security, facilities and cleanliness are all excellent - as you would expect at a hotel. However, staff were not always particularly friendly and helpful and, being a hotel, there was no atmosphere to speak of. Breakfast will cost you extra. The map given by the hotel is rubbish so bring your own/ get one elsewhere!

Pension Glockenhaus

Innsbruck, Austria

No lockers, very creaky beds with bad mattresses, split toilet seat, damp in the shower room, one sink between 8 people which is located in a different room to the toilet - so often you will go to the toilet and not be able to wash your hands afterwards. Staff are there to check you in and check you out and nothing else - purely just an exchange of money and key fob. Wifi is available but only if you sit by the entrance to reception (not in your room).

B&B Castelvecchio

Verona, Italy

Great hosts, great location and a lovely place to stay.