Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 34

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

Good deal! They had an amazing breakfast! The staff was super helpful in connecting other travelers w/ each other to split the cost of transportation. The rooms were great. There are decently affordable tours if you want to head out of Amman. I appreciated that the tours were not generic tour buses herding a large group of people, but rather were a driver and 3 people. I usually travel alone and have never done a tour before here, but these were legit... I would stay here again when in Amman. :)

Saba'a Hotel

Petra, Jordan

This place is fantastic in every possible way! Great: staff, location, in meeting other travelers, free breakfast, beds, rooftop, pack lunch, you name it... The owners are super helpful and informative! I recommended this place to everyone in my path (in Amman & Jerusalem) that said they were thinking to head to Petra, probably should have taken more business cards. When I come back to Petra, I will stay at Saba'a! And you should too!! Thanks so much for a wonderful stay! :)

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

I was pretty much here so I could gain my bearings in my first night in Israel. It was more of a stepping stone for me to cross into Jordan to get to Petra than a destination of choice. That being said, it totally served that purpose well as it is very near the bus station. Staff was helpful in showing me what I could do in my one day in Eilat. If I were taking my same route again, I would totally stay here again. :)


Nice clean hostel... Beds were pretty great... One bathroom in room.. Tends to make other guests territorial about the restroom. Seriously, people were putting coats, phones, etc on toilet while not in use, so no one else could claim. Not a hostel prob necessarily, but maybe some sort of sign saying not to leave things unattended in bathroom would be helpful... Staff was friendly, location was great. If looking to meet other travelers, not a good location... place is set up for iphoners...

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

My fave hostel ever! The staff were all really, really great! While I was there, the lovely Olga took us out to some really great places, with great beer, that only a local would know! The hostel was additionally awesome because it catered to getting to know other travelers and staff. It was also a place where you could choose whether you wanted to have an up all nighter or a restful sleep (even in a shared room). Beds were great, staff was helpful, what more could you want... :)

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

It was a place to sleep, nothing more, nothing less... It was clean, staff was helpful... Location was good... When I am back in Prague, I will explore other hostel options... That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this place I am just super neutral towards it...

Chillax Hostel

Moscow, Russia

This was a really great hostel to connect with other travelers! They did a great job setting things up in that regards... The staff were super excellent as well! Really helpful and happy to be there... It definitely was a great atmosphere! For whatever reason some guests don't know how to close the shower door and sometimes it flooded. But, that is not the hostels fault, you can't fix stupid. The hostel folks did mop up as soon as they saw mess... Will stay here again when in Moscow! Thanks :)

BackPacker's Republic

St Petersburg, Russia

Loved the people who worked here! They were super helpful and awesome! I would love to stay here again! I was kind of sad leaving here as I had such a great experience... Would definitely stay here again when back in St. Petersburg!! Thanks :)

Downtown Washington Hostel

Washington DC, USA

Staff was super friendly! I can't really speak of whether or not this was a good hostel to meet other travelers as I ended up meeting up with an old friend of mine. However, the atmosphere did look welcoming enough to connect with other travelers with the living room and dining room setup. Looked very communal... Would definitely stay here again when back in the DC area... :)