Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place was a hotel, not a hostel. It was fantastic. AC a large shower the most comfortable beds ever = heaven after 3 weeks in hostels all over Europe. It's in a nice area (the museum district) but it's a 15 minute walk to the closest "coffee shops" and bars, and a 30 minute walk to the heart of Amsterdam.


The location of this place was perfect. We went paragliding (which the girl at reception arranged for us) and the landing zone is the park across the street from the hostel so we just walked back when we were done. You must paraglide! It was a short walk to restaurants, shopping, bars, and dance clubs. Each guest is given two free tokens which can be used for free laundry, free entry to a public swimming pool, or free public transit. There is no AC but it wasn't a problem in late July.

B&B Santa Sofia

Venice, Italy

It was fine. I would try somewhere else if I were going back, but it wasn't terrible by any means. It's like staying in Grandpa's spare bedroom.

Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

After staying in 8 different cities throughout Europe, this was by far my favorite one. It doesn't feel like a hostel; it feels like a swanky, young, and laid back hotel. They have great nightly specials on food and drinks, i.e. 9 euros for unlimited enchilada bar and sangria. The staff was incredibly accomodating and kind. My only complaint would be location. While it is in a very nice area, it is a 20 euro cab or confusing train or hour walk from the great beaches and beachside clubs.