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I came all the way BACK to Lima, only to stay at this Hostel!! The staff there was incredible! Shane and Sebastian were probably two of my favorite and most helpful people I had encountered during my entire trip to Peru! I have never felt so welcome into a foreign country as I have with these two. Seriously....those guys were so amazing! I am already planning my next trip and can't wait to come back to this hostel! :) :) INCREDIBLE!!


Great experience. Close to the main square. Good people working here. Much more quiet than most hostels I've traveled to, but it was pleasant! I would gladly stay again! Arequipa is beautiful, too!

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

After having a great time at the Pariwana in Lima, Cuzco was disappointing. I didn't enjoy my stay there & will not be staying with that hostel if I'm ever in Cuzco again. The staff wasn´t welcoming (they didn´t make me feel like I belonged there), the place was too big & spread out; I feel as if it lost some personality because of this. I wasn't given a wrist band at check in (didn't know I was supposed to have one) & the security guard wouldn't let me in that night. I didn´t like it at all.

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

One of the greatest hostels I´ve stayed in during my trip. The staff made me feel like family and I had such a great time. So much fun, I´m considering going back before my trip is over! Highly reccommended.


One of the best hostels I've stayed at. The staff was absolutely incredible and made for a really great start to my trip. Thank you!