Reviews: Anonymous

Smart Sea View Brighton

Brighton, England

Stayed in a four bed dorm. Decent, average hostel. On front road side, so a little noisy from auto traffic., no curtain. Wi-fi worked in dorm room -- good. Shower on 2nd floor hall was clean, big stalls, hot water, large flow -- nice. Front desk staff was friendly and polite to me. Breakfast was just okay - white bread, bucket of jam, tub o butter-like stuff, tea, orange-flavored sugar water. Key cards worked. Cleaning staff busy in am. Long walk to Brighton, but bus service is very good.


I already reviewed this hostel. Sketchy internet. Lots of lip service about the internet getting fixed. No results

West Two London

London, England

I did not stay here, as my travel plans changed.


Wi-Fi was not working most of the time and very slow when it was working, even in the common area. This is a big deal to travelers, who need to use internet for travel planning. This hostel is a fine place in all other ways, but they need to put the effort in to provide Wi-Fi, as they have been stating they would or have done for weeks/months. This shows a real lack of concern for customers by the management. Importantly, this put strain on the staff, who had deal with unhappy guests.