Reviews: Anonymous

Flower Hostel Milan

Milan, Italy

Whilst on one level, this hostel is adequate, on the other it is not very good at all. We found the staff asleep at around 6am and they were less than helpful. The kitchen at the time we stayed there was out of commission, yet they still charge to include the facility. The bathrooms on the third floor were absolutely disgusting and there was insufficient hot water to get a shower at any time of the day.

Hotel Filoxenia Athens

Athens, Greece

The hotel needs to clean the place up. The baths need either replacing or new enamel on them. The Air conditioner in our room did not blow out cold air so there was no point having it when we had paid for it. The staff at breakfast shut the serving down 20 minutes early.


The reception staff struggle with English and are quick to exploit extra funds from you. The rooms are reasonably clean although the Mosquito nets are useless as they do not close. The showers don't work properly, are lime scaled up so the water does not flow properly and when it does, it is cold and some give you an electric shock if you touch them. The staff tried ripping us off with our laundry charging us 10k shillings but did not wash the cloths and then laughed when we challenged them.