Reviews: rawmineralz

Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 28

Be Dream Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Unfortunately there is no wifi in the rooms, only the common area. Huge place, clean and big lockers for your bag. It is close to the metro, supermarkets and the beach.

Roots and Boots Hostel

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

hostel is big, wifi in the rooms aren't the best. Staff were friendly and there was a nice garden to meet other travelers. Place was clean, they give you plastic sheets/pillow case?

Alma Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

the hotel is very spacious, room was good and wifi strong. Room had no key, anybody could enter. Staff were good, location was within walking distance to metro. Unfortunately the cleanliness of the fridge jn kitchen was the worst I have ever seen; so bad I would not put my food in there. There were flies all over the place, mould on old foods, very disgusting.


good location, close to metro. unfortunately the only downfall is you get no key, so your room is always open for anyone. facilities were decent and rooms where too, good place if it is only a night.

Orange Terrace Hostel

Albufeira, Portugal

close to amenities, beach and the centre. room was clean and actually smelled clean! staff were friendly and outgoing. very positive environment and good value for cost.

Lisbon Chillout Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

really good place, welcoming staff, free breakfast and clean. you have to walk a little but from the metro, wifi doesn't work the best in the room I was in on the top floor. Great atmosphere and people and overall had an awesome time! recommended

Hostel Positano

Rome, Italy

location is good, close to the station. this was the 1st hostel I have stayed at, that did not have a kitchen so if you are staying a while you, you can really prepare any meals. I didn't find the place very clean and there were bed bugs, even after switching rooms it didn't help. Not to mention they didn't even have a fan, it must have been over 40 degrees Celsius with the humid x at night, very uncomfortable to sleep and when questioned why there was no fan the response was; rent is to high.

6 small rooms

Naples, Italy

good location, the only downfall is you have to climb so many stairs to get to the top; when carrying your bag it is a struggle. Other than that, the place was good, staff were very nice and they put breakfast in the morning :)

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

good location, close to everything. A little expensive for a hostel though but overall it was a nice place.

Impression Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

good hostel. location and staff were great, really helpful and accommodating. no negative feedback, definitely would recommend to anyone going :)

A&O Prague Metro Strizkov

Prague, Czech Republic

good value for the money, staff were nice. a little out I the way from the centre, you have to take the metro and you don't get wifi in your room, only the lobby.

Jump Inn Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

good location, close to metro. Facilities were maintained and staff were friendly however a little unorganized with payment. Overall a good place for the money spent.

Bedstop Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Stayed at this location for 1 night as travelling through.Location is close to the s,however as for the hostel itself;not very clean,as well as for the first time I have ever seen;the staff member slept in my dorm?very strange as well as the "daughter" along with others entered our dorm freely at anytime.There were also other individuals that seemed to be extremely friendly with the staff member and vice versa,not sure the type of relationships with these individuals,very strange

Hostel the Globe Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

great atmosphere for the money and close enough to everything for walking.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For some reason, a female entered my room to ensure I was awake? thought that was very strange as I have stayed in many places and that was a first. Other than that, the other staff member was very welcoming and helpful. Location was alright, showers are not in the room but on the floor. The only other complaint was the "cost" 1 night for 50€ is extremely expensive however as I had 2 nights at another location I had no choice to take this hostel to cover my 1st night in Amsterdam.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

location was great for backpackers to get to. Overall, hostel was good the only thing that was disappointing was the wifi, the signal was very weak unless in remote areas of the reception area.