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Big hostel and there was only me and another lady in our room so that was great. Very busy. Good location, city was only a short trip away on the train and the grounds around the hostel provided a really nice dusk walk. Only downside was all the kids that were there. Running around and yelling in the hostel until almost midnight, but then i don't blame the hostel for that. Was just unfortunate timing.

Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Breakfast was great. Hot boiled eggs should be a part of every hostels brekkie. Loved it.

City Hostel N├╝rnberg

Nuremberg, Germany

Wifi was expensive but everything else was good. Staff were friendly and the room was clean. Location was brilliant. Right in the centre and only a short walk to anything within the city.


Not the biggest fan of having to pay for wifi when you already paying a lot for the room. Also some of the staff weren't the most friendly but otherwise no complaints

Muffin Hostel

Salzburg, Austria

First a great shout out to Aska and Joanna for the muffins that they cooked us when we were watching The Sound of Music. The shops were closed so we couldn't get movie snacks. Big blow until Aska said she would cook some for us. Brilliant moment when your watching a great movie and you bite into a hot muffin! I believe Aska also drew a city map for someone when they ran out... Only downside was the wifi couldn't connect repeatedly but i was pointed to a cafe in town (Afro cafe) so no problem.

Emeralds Place

Venice, Italy

I had a great time at this hostel and would stay there again. I in fact did when i had to stay another night. The only bad point i guess would be that quite often there was no one there at reception to ask questions of but its still easy to find information. Felt safe and the lockers were brilliant. Plenty of room for all your stuff. The fans were a needed touch. Was a bit expensive but then so is all of Venice..

Sleep Easy Hostel

Verona, Italy

No customer comment

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

I've stayed here several times now and i have had great experiences every time. The staff are great. I got stuck for an airport shuttle and they booked one for me at 10pm, saved a lot of panic. This is the hostel to stay in

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

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Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

I did really enjoy my stay at Castle Rock. The bedrooms were great. The staff really helpful and funny. The only things i didn't like were the bathrooms. Hooks were broken in the shower so nowhere to hang your stuff. I also thought the breakfast was a bit of a rip off but apart from that i loved it. Would recommend and indeed i already have

Highlander Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

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