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K Road City Travellers

Auckland, New Zealand

Really nice and quiet place. Helpful and friendly staff. Good atmosphere also.

Fuji Villa

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Beautiful place, beautiful location. Far from the city, but the free transportation makes it totally worth it. Really nice and helpful staff, but make sure to tell them in advance what time you want your breakfast, otherwise they will just wake you up. Great facilities and abundant breakfast.

Kamar-Kamar for Backpackers

Jakarta, Indonesia

Very, very nice staff and friendly backpacker atmosphere. Great facilities also, especially the bathroom area. Not so great location, but some cheap transportation options outside.

WoW Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

No customer comment

Gong Corner Guesthouse 1

Kuta, Indonesia

Very good environment and great service. Also many facilities for a good price. A little hard to access though, but overall a nice place.

Choice Plaza Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

Very nice and helpful staff and good environment. Excellent location also.