Reviews: Anonymous

Cozy Hostel

Tbilisi, Georgia

This hostel is a good value in a great location-- not far from Liberty Square and a lot of the tourist location. It's a little small and only has two bathrooms, but that didn't seem the be a little problem. The hostel is newly refinished but still retains some of the character of the old building, albeit that includes a lack of air-conditioning. The staff is very friendly and helpful-- a great resource when beginning your trip in Georgia.

Soho Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The 4-person rooms are very cramped-- the bathroom facilities even more so and few in number. There is a lingering smell of cigarette smoke in the air. The staff didn't speak an adequate level of English to be helpful. The club next door keeps the beats pumping pretty loudly all night, but not every night. It was very inexpensive, but next time we would probably spend a couple extra dollars to stay in a proper hostel.