Reviews: Anonymous

B&B Empedokles

Pisa, Italy

The owner, Luigi, was very nice and even suggested a place to eat that is owned by his friends. We ate there for two people for 13 Euros. It was a full meal of pasta and wine too! The room was nice, clean, and realtively big. The only issue we had was there wasn't any airconditioning and if we opened the window, mosquitoes would come in. With that taken into account, I would recommend this place.


Very nice. Excellent location. The wifi wasn't working during our stay, but we had access to free wifi at a restaurant near by so it was no big deal. Rooms were nice. Felt very secure.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a nice place to stay. A bit more of a party atmosphere which isn't necessarily what I had hoped for. We stayed in a 6 person dorm room, and to no fault of the hostel, the people that were coming in and out of the room were being loud. We also had to take turns for the shower and bathroom since there was only one or two for the whole hallway.