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Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

VERY close to the train station which was VERY handy! and I booked four nights however needed to get out of my last night and due to the great staff... they let me get out of my last night with most of my refund back, which i greatly appreciated. You get a free bottle of red wine with staying here as well as a great day (depending on how long you are there) tour! I didnt have to plan anything!! They did if for me! I would stay here again definitely!


This place was amazing! Although I did not understand that I was paying for two people when i was traveling alone..... (only downside)... i arrived late (arround 8pm) thinking i wasnt going to have a place to stay that night, and by being myself for the first time in europe i was seriously scared.... but i asked a few italians down the street and they called paula and she arrived in a second and made my stay the best I could have asked for for my first stop in italy!