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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Great price and only 30 minute walk to Akihabara or Ueno. The capsules are huge and come with a TV and safe. I had enough room to keep a suitcase and backpack in mine while sleeping in it. There are plenty of toilets and sinks on the capsule floor and everything is very clean. The downside is that for the capsules, you have to use the onsen. it's very nice but only open from 4pm-4am. This can be a problem if you spent the night drinking and come back either too late or too drunk to bathe.


Amazingly friendly staff. One of the men working there was kind enough to teach me some origami and even gave me several of the ones he had made as a gift. I stayed in a capsule and it had a lot of room inside of it as well as a nice TV. There are bathrooms on every floor and a private shower, onsen and common area on the second floor. This hotel is also located less than a minute walk from the Asakusa station. By far my favorite place to stay in Tokyo.


Very helpful staff and comfortable beds. The common area is a bit small and the showers could use some work but considering the price I'd say it's in good condition.


Great location very close to the peace museum and a very reasonable price.

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Thank you for your stay and precious comment! We are glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay here. We hope that you visit Hiroshima and choose us again in the future. Thank you ! REINOINN

Hiroshima Hana Hostel

Hiroshima, Japan

Staff speaks perfect English and were very friendly and helpful. The hostel is very nice and also very clean. It's also located a short walk away from the main train station making it very handy if you've just arrived in Hiroshima.

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Thank you very much for staying with and we appreciate your feedback. Yea we are just a few minutes walk from Hiroshima sta. south exit. Please call us if you got lost, our English speaking staff will show how to get to us.

Smart Camden Inn Hostel

London, England

The main problems I had with the hostel were that they only accept cash, have street only parking (which is very difficult to find in London), and have extremely small and dirty rooms. There's one filthy toilet per floor and although there is a small shower in the room, the light in mine was broken and the staff claimed they were unable to fix it. The biggest problem I had was that the beds were extremely creaky and anyone shifting in their sleep would wake everyone in the room.

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Thank you for your review. We are sorry our service didn't meet your expectations. All the mechanical issues our on site staff can fix are resolved promptly. We do accept credit cards but it might be that the PDQ machine was not working at the time of your check in.

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The room I stayed in was excellent and well worth the price. However, the hostel description says they offer parking but it's only street side parking which charges a few euros every hour during the day. It's also very far from any of the major parts of the city and even by car with zero traffic it was a 30 minute drive downtown.

Hostel Nanina

Munich, Germany

Even though you're very close to the train line, the S-bahn comes only every half hour so if you don't time the walk very carefully it can take you up to 45 minutes to get to the main city area. Also, the fact that there's no check in until 17:00 makes it challenging if you took a plane and got to Munich in the morning. There's no one at the front desk until 17:00 and nowhere to store your bags if you get there early. Lastly, the eight person rooms are nice but the four person rooms are cramped.


I spent three months at this hostel during the summer and had a very enjoyable stay. The only thing I would advise is to be careful during the hotter months because there's no air conditioning, much like most Munich hostels, and they don't allow you to open the windows. Some of the rooms do have a lock which can be opened if you ask the staff but others are bolted shut and this makes for a very uncomfortable room during high outside temperatures.