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Location is awesome The atmosphere is a bit of a mixed bag. The bar is cool with some awesome art, and the live music shows on Friday and Saturday are great, but most of the people you'll see around are either locals coming to hang out or long-term stays, so it feels a bit cliquey, but people are friendly. WiFi was good. Noise level wasn't as bad as some reviewers say - the bar closes at 1am and with earplugs the noise was barely audible from the room. Could use another toilet and shower though

Babameto House

Gjirokaster, Albania

Lovely place, and amazing experience staying in a museum! The view is spectacular, the old town and castle are very nearby, and there's a great tavern right next door. It's about a 10 minute walk from the bus station, but you can take a taxi for less than 2 euro. Breakfast was a bit sparse, but still good.

Athens Choice

Athens, Greece

Great place. The area IS a bit seedy, but it's right in the center and easy to get to both the nightlife and the tourist sights, so it's actually ideal. Clean rooms with their own bathrooms, comfortable lounge area, good breakfast included, and best WiFi I've ever had in a hostel.


Varna, Bulgaria

Nice place, friendly staff, chill vibe. WiFi was good and breakfast was decent, plus convenient location right in town center. Showers inside the toilet rooms were a bit weird, and there was no air conditioning, but neither was a huge problem.


Kiev, Ukraine

Central location, low price, great and clean facilities, friendly and helpful staff, huge common area, fast-wifi... would be pretty much the perfect hostel. The only drawback is that the hostel/backpacker scene hasn't caught on in Ukraine yet. Most of the people are either locals or foreigners who are in town for school/work. So if you want a party, you'll have to venture out. On the plus side, if you want to chill in peace and quiet you won't find a better place.

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Thank you for your feedback. We are waiting for you next time in hostel

John Galt

Brno, Czech Republic

"Please inform us about a late check-in in advance, then reception can wait all night long." BULLSHIT. I called ahead and they just kept repeating "it is not possible" and "it is not our problem" and denying what was plainly written right on the site. Lazy, worthless, and rude. Avoid and don't believe anything they advertise.

Corner Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Nice, cozy place on a quiet corner not too far out in Prenzlauer Berg. For such a cheap price, they could have gotten away with a lot less, but there's a huge lounge with games and a guitar, fast wifi, free coffee, and both the rooms and bathrooms are comfortable and clean. Staff is friendly and helpful. Highly recommend!


Clean, secure, conveniently located, and wifi works well in common areas. But it's more like a massive budget hotel than a hostel and attracts huge groups, so although the bar/lounge/biergarten are nice, the atmosphere sucks if traveling alone or with a friend (unless you like being surrounded by hordes of bros and sorority types on their way to the latest EDM festival). Also they hike up prices based on occupancy, so I had to leave when my $20 bed went up to $40 overnight. Decent though.

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Dear Guest, thanks a lot for taking time to give us a feedback to your stay. We are glad to hear that you had a nice time at Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. We hope to welcome you again as soon as possible. Best wishes from Berlin - Melanie, Ass. Front Office Manager

Hostel California

Milan, Italy

Definitely not as awful as some of the reviews make it sound. Far from center town, but close to university/bar area and major metro station, so not bad. Good Wi-Fi, outlet next to each bed, beds reasonably clean, but only three toilets/showers for the whole hostel. Free pasta and wine on Saturday night, but the kitchen is constantly full of secondhand smoke. They do tack on an additional 4 euro/night for linen and city tax charges, but that seems to be normal for France and Italy.

Altea Hostel

Nice, France

Big place, ended up having a 6 bed dorm to myself. Pros: Nice rooms with large bathroom and plenty of outlets, wifi works great, good location by train station, 10 minute walk to old city/beach. Cons: no social atmosphere, there's a nice outdoor lounge but it's always empty, possibly due to the no alcohol policy.

Vertigo Vieux-Port

Marseille, France

More like a hotel than a hostel. Huge, with 3 different buildings, so not much socializing, and there are as many families as backpackers. The rooms are nice but the bathrooms are in the rooms, and doors are VERY LOUD, so if anyone uses the bathroom or comes in at night, everyone will wake up. Also somewhat pricey for a hostel. But it is right by the old port and breakfast is included. Also very nice lounges and kitchens.

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Hi, It is a bit exagerated to say that there are as much families as backpackers. But as you know, people can book on the internet and there is no way we can refuse them access... We are sorry if there were not enough solo travellers for you to meet when you were here. All the best

Hello Marseille Hostel

Marseille, France

Awesome friendly hostel with an amazing lounge and great independent cooperative atmosphere. Everyone was really chill and friendly and the space is well set-up for socializing. No air-conditioning in the rooms, but that seems to be the norm for this part of France, so you can't hold it against them. Shower and toilet facilities were clean, wifi was fast. Located right next to old port and only about a 20 minute walk or 10 minute metro ride from the train station. Great place, hope to come back.

St Enoch Hotel

Glasgow, Scotland

I couldn't believe the price considering that it's right in the center of town, but it's a hotel converted into a hostel. Good: tea, coffee, cookies, towels, soap, and shampoo in the room; bad: no lounge. Bathroom inside room - convenient but door is loud and will wake people, no hooks to hang stuff. Wifi is mostly solid but slow at times and occasionally cuts out. Does attract a few shady people, but nothing too bad. Great value overall.

Chase The Wild Goose Hostel

Fort William, Scotland

Nice friendly staff and decent beds/rooms, but the WiFi was extremely unreliable, to the point that it would have been a dealbreaker for me (I'm working remotely). Also a bit far from town and Ben Nevis but still walkable.

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We are working hard to improve the wi-fi. Please don't be so unforgiving. In many parts of our beautiful Country, Scotland, broadband is not as good as elsewhere in built-up UK, and as our hostel was built of stone around 1850 the walls are very thick - not so good for wi-fi wherever you may be.

City Centre Hostel - Kingsview

Edinburgh, Scotland

Staff was awesome and friendly, but the hostel is a bit out of the way (though in Edinburgh that just means a 15-minute walk instead of a 2-minute walk), no lockers, and it's more of a do-your-own thing kind of place than a social hostel (which was fine). Worth the price.


Berlin, Germany

Convenient location next to Kotbusser Tor (U1 and U8) and cheap food options, but not many pubs or clubs. Plenty of individual bathrooms and the rooms are comfortable with chairs and even a couch, but the mattresses are kinda stained and pillows are small and hard. Huge common area with foosball, a terrace, good music and even some performances. The only really bad thing was the wifi, which cuts out every few minutes, so if you must Skype, look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is a great value.

Sophie's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Decent location, amazingly comfortable rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen, more like an apartment than a hostel. Downside is that it's split in two separate buildings and there is not much of a social atmosphere - there is a bar downstairs, but it was closed, and the garden outside was completely empty. Great for older travelers or couples or if you're just looking for a quiet place to rest, but if you're looking to socialize you won't find much here.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

Probably one of the best hostels I've stayed at, very clean, spacious, and ridiculously cheap off-season. There's also a great bar downstairs with good food and beer selection and they even had a trivia night. A bit far from the places I wanted to be, but totally walkable both to the center or to Zizkov bars.

Westend City Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Good location right next to Westbanhof and some bars, about 15 minutes walk to the center. One of the cheapest hostels I found here, rooms are clean and each room has its own bathroom (rather than being in the hallway).

Celica Art Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Cool concept and design, but as a hostel it's actually overpriced and not that great. The beds are in EXTREMELY close quarters, often right next to each other so you're essentially sharing a double bed. The other thing is that it functions as a bar and restaurant where tourists are coming in all day, so there's not much of a communal atmosphere and no common room as such. On the pro side, the breakfast is great and being right next to the Metelkova bars is a huge plus.

Hi 5 Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I stayed here because a friend was staying/working there. Pros: good atmosphere, friendly party crowd, awesome common room with Xbox and huge screen. Cons: huge staff but everyone is hanging out and never actually working, so it's an ordeal just to get someone to come to the reception desk. I know it's a party hostel, and I'm not very demanding, but you're still paying money, and sometimes you actually need something. Plus, the wifi signal only works in the common areas, not in the rooms.


It's not in the center town and you have to take a bus from the train station, but that's actually a good thing because it's on the way to Morski Oko. Really cozy, friendly place, more like a rustic cabin in the woods than the typical 'party hostel' in a city full of bars. Actually substantial breakfast with meat and cheese, not just cereal and coffee. All in all an amazing place, would love to come back.

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Amazing location right next to Old Town and train/bus station, cool staff, good music playing in common areas, free breakfast that actually has more than , and pretty clean overall. Can't think of any downsides, except maybe that there are like six showers but only two toilets. Seems like it should be the other way around, no?

Atlantis Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Cool hostel, very nice staff and great facilities, but it's a little bit away from the train station (about 20 minute walk) and the old town (about 10-15 minutes), though it's close to the Jewish quarter. The other thing is that the hallways with the rooms are separate from the common area, so you don't get the kind of seamless flow that you get in other hostels where you can wander out of your room and meet people unintentionally, though on the other hand if you value quiet this could be a plus

New World St. Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

One of the best hostels I've stayed at: amazing location, well-equipped common area, good wifi, free tea/coffee, and friendly/helpful staff. Everything was extremely well-organized and well-run. A little more expensive than a couple of the others but still cheap for the area. Highly recommend!

Hollywood Home Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Awesome location, friendly staff, and even friendlier cat named Tovarisch. Pretty clean and Wifi signal was decent, only complaint would be that the hot water didn't work at all in one bathroom and was very difficult to control in the other (either totally hot or totally cold).

Day and Night Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Only stayed for one night, but it was clean, friendly, right by the train station, and they had a bed for me last minute. Very cool.

Hostel Kosy

Rijeka, Croatia

Great location, decent price, helpful staff, super clean and comfortable facilities, and free coffee to boot. The only minus I could think of was that there wasn't really much in the way of a common area for hanging out but everything else was top-notch.

Dubrovnik Villa Valjalo

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Pretty far from the old city, but close to the main promenade and bus station, so not too bad. Price is average for Dubrovnik, but you can't use the kitchen. There is an outdoor lounge area but the owner yells at you if you sit there talking after 11pm. Rooms are okay, bathroom is decent. Honestly you can probably find a better place unless you're booking last minute. Plus side is he accepts PayPal, which is convenient and helps you avoid credit card/ATM foreign transaction charges.


Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Really great place in amazing central location. Huge kitchen, bathroom, and indoor/outdoor common areas, well-maintained. Staff is friendly and helpful. Not a big party vibe and people weren't staying out too late, but good for quietly meeting some people regardless.

Saki Guesthouse

Budva, Montenegro

Pros: Extremely friendly and helpful staff, delicious dinner for 5 euro and all-you-can-eat breakfast for 3 euro. Cool bar upstairs, atmosphere is about 50-50 Russian tourists and younger backpackers, so there's a party vibe. Cons: Rooms don't lock, are no lockers, and there's a back entrance right from the street. But it seemed pretty safe. The bigger problem was that the bathroom door didn't lock and the floor was constantly flooded. Also a bit far from the town and station, up a steep hill.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Pros: Friendly staff, great rooms, clean. No breakfast, but they cook you a free dinner some nights. Cons: I don't know if it's always the case, but it was full of mostly American and Australian first-year college kids, and the atmosphere was a total frat party. Baseball caps, 'woo, body shots!', and a whole gaggle of 18 yr olds going in groups of 20 to the clubs. If that's your scene, go for it, but if you prefer something more chill with a more diverse/international crowd maybe try elsewhere.


Dusseldorf, Germany

Awesome cozy atmosphere, really friendly people, clean rooms and efficient service. Plenty of space to hang out in the lounges. It's a bit of a walk to the Altstadt where all the bars are, but only about 10 minutes along a main street, totally doable. One of the best I've stayed at.

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Thanks for taking time to write your kind review - see you next time!