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South Beach Hostel

Miami, USA

sobe was live, and energetic -filled with people that just want to have fun- facilities are up to par- I've stayed there before and hated using there toilets and showers but everything is good now- they definitely improved upon anything that i did not appreciate before- location excellent- environment excellent-proximity to the beach great- the crowd they attract fun- but they should put a stove in the kitchen area, definitely worth staying -you should check the place out-they have my approval

South Beach Hostel

Miami, USA

Place was just average-serves its purpose -lounge area was pretty awesome including bar inside with good drink specials, computers, free wifi, plasma screen t.v.'s and plenty of leather couches-didn't like the bathroom facilities to the point that I didn't like using them, -rooms were not small and beds were o.k.- breakfast which is Included was good though and a real international environment in regards to the people you will meet- place was just average with dingy bathrooms-

Posh South Beach

Miami, USA

This place is just fantastic, atmosphere, environment, staff, facilities, and location. I mean they have a cleaning staff that is literally cleaning 24 hours a day- black slate tile, heated pool on roof, happy hour fr 7 to 8 free drinks at nice boutique bar down stairs and in the morning breakfast included- impossible to really describe this place just go and check it out and guarantee you'll extend your stay- the place is definitely not called "POSH"for nothing- really lives up to its name


The concept of this place is excellent it would work if they just had better staff,management and invested in outdoor-so the basic set-up is each dorm room is its on private apartment with lounge area,kitchen,and bath, in which everything inside the apartment looks great and works which is totally awesome- the problem however is when you step outside the place looks like a dump and the atmosphere is that of transitionary living or a homeless shelter -not of a fun youth hostel


I liked staying there-you'll meet cool people, staff seems competent, it's clean, great kitchen and eating area, lounge space is not bad as well, location is great right where you need to be and including breakfast I think the price is right -I'd go back

Blue Skies Hostel

London, England

One of the very few places in London that doesn't raise prices over the weekend and still has vacancies-so it serves its purpose- on the plus side though it has loads of places across the street where you can get good hot meals for cheap - nough said

Surprise Backpackers

London, England

It was o.k. but I wouldn't stay past two nights-only place in London though that doesn't raise prices and still has vacancies over the weekend-good breakfast-lounge area sucks in same area of kitchen which is to small to be both-good showers your able to adjust temperature and pressure last throughout entire shower :^) surrounding area is great walking distance to Victoria station and plenty of places around to grab a hot meal-overall the whole place feels like a dingy pub

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Now this an awesome hostel-atmosphere is great but you have to keep in mind that I'm a partier-but even if you weren't a partier- there are plenty of areas where you can be quite- chill room with t.v plenty of lay out comfy couches,pillows and bean bags- bar down stairs connected to chill-out area by spiral stairs- bar area is huge plenty of seating, games pool table and ping pong- plenty of bathroom facilities all over the building- free walking tours and pub crawls-just overall awesome times

Hootananny Hostel

London, England

Now keep in mind that I'm a partier-so this place was awesome-the best pub scene in London to me- so this supersedes- all for me- but as far as facilities and all it sucks-one of the worst showers I ever took in my life-ironically it had the best lounge room I ever been in because it felt really homey- I just loved the vibe-and I definitely i would and can't Waite to go back- Briton baby -loads of eateries for cheap-even though facilities suck-I just love that place has a real special ambience


no t.v. in chill-out area however chill out area is huge plenty of seating and the people you meet in the chill-out area are so cool that you wouldn't need the t.v- I just remember laughing and smiling-alot surround music and web works-as far as facilities goes- broken knobs, broken flush and I wouldn't want to walk around on the floor without any shoes on but as far as london and hostels go and price for your money-its good for london -and I would go back-overall I had an great time there-

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

easily see this place as a home away from home- you meet awesome people in this place and quickly become fast friend, its superclean hands down the cleanest hostel ive been in, ambiance is fantastic always has on great selection of music in surround sound, pool tables, t.v. room movies board games jenga ect, this place has the works- Ive just figured it out, its the disneyland of hostel;^) other hostels can really take note on how to run a more than proper establishment- neighborhood sketch thou

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Hi and thanks so much for your rating! I always wanted to go to Disneyland when I was younger and to hear that I WORK in Disneyland... Looking forward to seeing you again!


hey yeah, well bikini- provided an awesome atmosphere for a pretty chill stay, plenty of lounge space-couches cushions every where and I do mean every where- t.v.s everywhere- in rooms as well as in lounge areas- surround sound "music" provided in a low ambient way everywhere that you can lounge- radio remains on Pandora box- pool table- jacuzzi- and barbecue grill ''say what-where is this place''-straight from mars lol- loved it and highly recommended by me- nough said ;^)

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

ah blah and that is exactly what I think of the place

Hollywood Beach Hostel

Fort Lauderdale, USA

well they say the best things fall in your lap- and i found this place by accident-this is officially my home away from home- 1st its right on the beach- i dont think you understand me- "it is right on the beach"- so there is an awesome sun sunrises every day- tiki hut, lounge, type of bar attached-$2 drinks $1 tacos- "what, how is this even possible''_partied up or partied down the place is absolutely fantastic-go there and it is for sure that you will extend-and then re book later on in life-