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Great place to stay, very cheap in comparison to the other few hostels in Paris. Wish I stayed here first, definitely will be back here again!

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Dear Guest, we thank you for your review and we hope to see you soon again ! Reception team


The staff & this hostel is top shelf! One of the best hostels in Europe, can't fault this place!

Five Reasons Hostel

Nuremberg, Germany

Great value for money and beautiful place to stay. The only small complaint is that it's definitely more like a hotel then hostel which makes it difficult to meet people if you're the solo traveller.


Great hostel, great staff, great value for money and great vibe!

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hi there. thanks for the great feedback. save travells :)


Great place to stay but it's more like a hotel. The bar is very nice but can be hard to meet people if you're a social traveller. I loved the impeccable service from the handsome Romanian behind the bar!

A Casa di Amici

Palermo, Italy

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Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

The best hostel ever! Great staff that are always ever so friendly and eager to help! Couldn't ask for better hospitality and great party atmosphere!

Thousand Sunny

Rome, Italy

It's not a hostel, it's a 3brm apartment and the owners live there with their American Pitbull...nice ppl but I didn't appreciate being misled about booking a 'hostel'...

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

BED BUGS! And not enough shower/toilets for the guest capacity!

Corner House

La Spezia, Italy

It's a 2brm unit full of bunk beds, make sure you have phone to call owners to meet you outside. The owner didn't change the sheets after some of the guests in my room checked out.


Friendly staff! It's not a party hostel if that's what you're looking for otherwise nice place to stay!

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Thank you for you comment. You right we are not a party hostel. Hope to see you again

Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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