Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

It´s the best hostel I´ve been so far, the receptionist are amazing (PJ, Cynthia, Henrique and Gonçalo), it´s impossible not say thanks for these guys. They are really patient, friendly and helpful, if you have any doubt of the city (party, sightsee, food, history or other topics) or also you need recommendation about places around the world, just talk with them. Although the bathroom it´s not so big (but good for a hostel), it´s possible take a shower without disturbing or been disturbed.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

The hostel is very well localized (it´s 20 minutes by walk from the central station), also it´s possible see the principal tourism points by walk. Although I think the website could give better explanation how to arrive in the hostel (from central station or airport). The bathroom and washroom it´s inside your room and you have privacy because it´s not in front of the beds. If you arrived late it´d be possible take a shower without disturbing your roommates (room for 4 people).

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I appreciate the attention of the receptionist, especially Luiz from Portugal who explain the principal turism information and the public transportation in this city. The hostel it´s localized 15 minutes by bus and 5 by train of downtown, also it´s possible take night bus. The only problem is the locker which need a big one lock, otherwise you´ll leave your locker open. Well, I had left my locker open and I hadn´t trouble, but it´ll be better if it´d be close.