Reviews: Anonymous

La Camorra Hostel

El Bolson, Argentina

Y got a reservation for 3 nights by hostelworld. After that the hostel emailed me sayng that it was not possible 3 nights, but only 2, because they had problems with I answered and said it was OK only two nights. They didnt answered me back and When I got to the place THERE WASNT ANY BED AVAIABLE.And it was very difficult to find a place in the city. I showed my email was correctly sent.Conclusion: If the staff is not able to read emails and manage bokings you can not trust them

Milhouse Hipo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nice atmosphere. Staff is friendly and it is a good place to meet people and parties. I've been in january in different rooms and I would recommend the upper floors, the third. I noticed the first floor rooms are not so clean. The room 111 is in front of the main street, so noisy! You hear everything, buses, trucks. And please,staff, it is impossible sleeping when you dont turn on the air conditioning!Is is disgusting because BA is very hot in summer.Partiing facing 50 C inside? No thanks.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Clean, organized, good facilities and very good location. Good place to rest and chill. But it doesnt have the atmosphere of a hostel. Everything is so huge. The bar is huge, it is hard to socialize 'cause the bar and common areas are large spaces and people tend to stay far.Anyway the staff is very helpfull and it is one of the best rooms ( big and clean) I have got in a a hostel.

Tallinn Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

I had a good time at this hostel. The place is very well located, the staff is nice and is always entertaining the people with games and conversations. It is a cozy hostel , where is easy to meet others travellers. The common area is good and confortable and the room I got was one of the cleanest in hostels. I recommed.

St Christopher's Village

London, England

I got 2 nights at this hostel. It is good to meet travelers. It has a nice bar with cheap drinks. Very good location with good facilities. I got a problem when I arrived late night at my room there were another person sleeping at my bed. The guy at reception just told me " you have to move to another room". I was really angry and he didnt apologize at all. Maybe is because some problems with the system, but the manager should pay attention at this problem. It is not nice you have to move at 5am