Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 41

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This is my honest opinion, free pick from the airport. Customer service was good, but i believe it needs to be more informative. The dorm was big with lockers under the bed. Comfortable mattress but the air condition was weak cold with fans. The wifi was up and down during the day and night. The 2 toilets and 2 showers was not enough for the amount of beds. With a cinema room, swimming pool, pool table and bar and free bicycles to use, it added more the reason not to leave.

VX The Fifty

Bangkok, Thailand

It is a 15min walk from BTS. Customer service was good, the WIFI drops out ocassionally. Only one computer to use. The kitchen facility only had a microwave and toaster with cultery. The 8 bed room was cozy and clean with comfortable mattress. The laundry is coin operated but expect to have your cloths go missing from the line. The bathroom only 3 toilets and 3 showers for the entire place. Only 1 working PC to use.

WoW Hostel

Singapore, Singapore

My honest opinion, the location is great (3 min walk MRT). As there is not signs on the door,m. .A security card is given to you to enter the premises. In a dorm of 8, the room is like a train carriage, small & tight with air condition and clean. No where to store your backpack. Small locker with a key. WIFI was good and fast. Lounge room was used to watch movies. Kitchen did not have much utensils. Lack atmosphere. 4 toilets and showers to entire place. They charge you extra 10%. what a scam!


My honest opinion, from the train station 40mins, but buses are limited! Every 2hrs or less. It is a 1 minute walk from 7-11 store. The building looks run down, over grown plants. Customer service was friendly. The 6 bed dorm was air condition with extremely thin mattress. Like sleeping on the ground. WiFi was slow and the combine bathroom shower was only 2 available for entire building. A fully functional kitchen and a free use of the washing machine. Free use of the bicycles available.

Funny Yummy Angel

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Location was pretty straight forward from the main train station, catching the KMRT(local MRT train). Then 10 mins walk to the hostel. Customer service was great and helpful. But no maps provided. Wifi was great and fast. The 8 bed dorm was spacious with air con. Lockers in the room. Hot showers and toilet was plentiful. L2 had the kitchen and fridge with everything you need. 4 Spare PC's to use and coin operated washing machines. Amazing city view on the roof.

The Meeting Place

Taipei, Taiwan

This is my honest opinion. From the MRT is it close and easy to find. Customer service was good as she was american. The cleanliness required improving from Kitchen, lounge room and bathrooms. The kitchen has everything you need to cook a meal with a fridge to store your food. The lounge room was spacious and the showers only had cold showers. The air condition for entire place, including bedrooms on was after 10:30pm. The 6 bed dorm was long and narrow with uncomfortable beds.

Happy Taipei

Taipei, Taiwan

Location is is far from the city but easy to get to from MRT train. There is NO signs to locate the premises, hence very difficult to find. Customer service, well she is in training and she needed to ask her manager about simple questions.In the 8 bed dorm, the room was huge with air-condition and a balcony. Beds are OK, not the most comfortable bed but the room and sheets are clean. Free washing machine and kitchen and a fridge. Showers are small but clean and HOT water.

Altis Hotel

Langkawi, Malaysia

The single bed room is extremely tiny, your own private bathroom which smelt mouldy... The receptionist was not able to assist with Q's . No bike rental near by, and its a 35min walk to the ferry terminal. Only shops near by and no beach...

The Frame Guesthouse

Penang, Malaysia

The evening shift staff is extremely rude and arrogant, compared to the day shift guy who is extremely helpful and friendly. Yin and Yang staff. Great location, 15min to bus terminal and ferry. In a twin bedroom, is a medium size room with insufficient bathrooms. Noisy as hell from the mosque across the road due to Ramadan week (no sleep). Modern looking with comfy beds. WiFi is OK.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

the internet WIFI drops out constantly. The customer service when I first walk into the door was not good. I was asked to pay a lot more and then i explain with hostelworld, I had paid a deposit. I had to ask for a map and ask simple questions in regards to tours.

Long Life Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

location: from the bus depot, 10 min walk customer service: very helpful , spoke english cleanness: place was clean and tidy everyday. bathrooms: the 4 dorm room had its own bathroom. Bedroom: medium dorm with Air con in the room and no lockers. extras: 2 computers to use as well as WIFI was slow and available all areas. Noisy: extremely quite, Breakout area: was outside and pool area Extras: incl Breakfast was good

Long Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Arrived by airport on public bus and only 20min walk to the hostel. Customer service was great and friendly. the WIFI is good on every level. Suggest to stay lower level as there is no lifts. Breakfast changed everyone morning, set menu which was good. the dorms was roomy and comfortable beds. the location was central to all backpackers hostels.

@ The Little Red Dot

Singapore, Singapore

The WIFI was excellent... The lockers... did not get much sleeps because you can hear everything.... all the bed pods are in one huge room...

Jericoacoara Hostel - TIROL

Jericoacoara, Brazil

In the dorm of 10, the bed was comfortable, but no air condition in the room as it was warm; only a fan. The bathrooms was only 2 available to choose from and small.(not many). The WIFI was only available in the outdoor breakout area and was fast. The kitchen was big and all the utensiles available. Very close to the beach and on the main street - very good. Breakfast was good as well.

Hostel Terra da Luz

Fortaleza, Brazil

The dorm bedroom of 6 had air condition but no glass window, the cold air escaped during the hot night. Pointless... the bed was comformtable and WIFI was fast and available in all areas. The Bathroom/ showers was new but no hotwater. This was fixed after the second week. The breakfast was disappointed until the second week as they improved it. Very small breakout area and the kitchen had everything you need. But the fridge was small and they said they in the process replacing it.


his is my honest opinion of the place. location: easy to get to my metro from the airport. Follow the instructions from hostelworld. Close to the city, few metro stops customer service: very helpul cleanness: place was clean and tidy bathrooms: Dorm of 4 had 1 own bathroom and shower. Air con in the room. It was great. extras: 1 computers to use as well as WIFI good on ground floor. Kitchen is big and had everything including a fridge and microwave. Breakfast was extra and very good.

Goldfish Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

his is my honest opinion of the place. location: Follwoed the instructions from hostelworold from the bus terminal. catching metro and trams. Close the city, great location but there is no signs on place. Hard to find... and you need to advise what time yiu will arrive. customer service: no where to be found. No reception desk, just an apartment with rooms... cleanness: place was clean and tidy as the cleaner came every day. bathrooms: 2 bathrooms to share between 3 bedrooms of dorms.

Free Hostel

Krakow, Poland

location: 3 trams station away from the bus terminal. or walk for 25mins. 10min walk to old city square customer service: very helpful,cleanness -place was clean and tidy Dorm of 8 had 1 own bathroom and shower. I was in there with 3 people so it was not used heavily. extras: 1 computers to use as well as WIFI good. Kitchen is big and had everything including a fridge and microwave. Breakfast was great with polish ham and cheese Suggestions: No air condition in the place or room

The River Hostel

Valencia, Spain

This is my honest opion of the place: location: good, walked 20mins from the bus terminal Customer service: bad, no assistance. Had to pop into another hostel for answers beds: Comfortable and huge room cleanness: somewhat clean bathrooms: it needed cleanning, a let down extras: no computers to use, the locker key open most the lockers. I explain and showed reception. No action taken. No activites list or board for guests to do. No kettle in the kitchen. Breakout area: huge and spacious