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City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece



London, England

I like that each bed gets a lamp and an outlet to charge gadgets. Wi-Fi also works great in my room but some room may not work for others. Wi-Fi wasn't sporadic so it wasn't annoying. Customer service was on point. Girls toilet and shower room were decent. The room is a little cramped but I'm not complaining. Free breakfast provided. I would recommend this hostel.

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Hi, Thanks for such good feedback! I'm glad you liked your stay and appreciated the beds we changed recently. Hope to see you again! Enjoy your travels! Agata

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

It would be greatly appreciated if each bunk beds have an outlet for travelers who needed to charge their device. It was frustrating trying to charge my device when there were only TWO outlets in a room with 14 roommates, and each of those outlets were located by one of the beds that were occupied. It is awkward and inconvenient having to ask a roommate if we can place our devices on their bed to charge. Wi-Fi wasn't accessible in rooms and it should be changed. Common area too noisy for me.

Portuguese Hostel

Sintra, Portugal

Our host was Martha. She was amazing and very helpful in my crazy situation. I gave her my tip because she deserves it and I felt bad that she had to handle my complicated situation with my payment. The hostel was a five minute walk from the train station...easy! My room was private and it was decorated with cute designs. The interior was also nice and cute! I love it! Free laundry service, Wi-Fi in room works! I would come back! Other staffs were kind and helpful! Thank you PH!!

Equity Point Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

Danielle and her manager were wonderful! They helped me with my missing CC payment situation. Danielle was super sweet and helpful! She recommended the sushi buffet by the hostel and it was AWESOME! Customer service was above and beyond. I love this hostel and would come back. Location was a little weird but easy to get to. I have nothing bad to say about this hostel!

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Customer service was superb. The management took care of my case seriously and he went above and beyond my expectations. The staff were wonderful and helpful as well....and some of the male workers were quite attractive! ;) I'm happy with this hostel and I would definitely return if I ever get another opportunity to visit Iceland.


The room that I was assigned smelt AWFUL! My room was next to the toilet room and I couldn't bare it. Customer service was mediocre, couldn't complain. The location was great because it's right next to the BART station, however, during night time was creepy because there were harmless homeless lingering around. It was uncomfortable for me to walk around alone at night. The shower room just needs to be cleaned regularly.

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

This is just an okay hostel but better than nothing. Prices could have been lower. Bathroom was okay. Wifi is good. You pay a deposit for sheets and towel. You also have to pay a fee to use their kitchen utensils. Free lockers are provided if you bring your own lock but its small to hold your laptop in. Staffs are polite, there was a tall attractive charming Norwegian man working there. ;)

Castanea Old Town Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

I can't complain about this hostel except for the prices but hey....its Sweden! Highly recommend! Staffs were very helpful and generous!

Acme Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

I thought this was a really decent hostel. I don't have any complaints. This is a really quiet hostel. You will meet some really cool travelers in this hostel. WiFi always works and including the room. The bed mattress was a little uncomfortable but its better than nothing! The staff are nice and helpful, spoke okay English. The girls bathroom is clean and the laundry washer is free! No need to rent sheets, but you may rent a locker for a deposit fee. You will get it back.

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

I'm really sad to leave this hostel. I honestly think this is the best hostel I have ever been to. I don't think I'll ever find another hostel as cool as this one. I've grown attach to this place. You will meet the coolest people in the world here. The shower and toilet is decent. The atmosphere is decent. The hostel is situated in the heart of St. Petersburg. The staff are friendly. Thank you Oksana!!!! PLEASE GO TO THIS HOSTEL!!!!