Reviews: piotr1369

Location: Poland, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Grandio Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Thanks for an amazing two nights Grandio. I´ll be back next year to pick up my underwear.

Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

A bit from the city center, but the staff was amiable, rooms were clean. Great time.

The Drunken Monkey Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

I dont remember much seeing as I was blackout the whole time.

Dragan's Den

Korcula, Croatia

Not the best option, but definitley not the worst option.

Hostel Majdas

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Majda is the sweetest woman you'll ever meet, running a hostel. Along with her brother, they gave me a fantastic experience in Mostar. Be sure to take the full day trip to Kravice Falls and Blagaj. It's a long trip, but only costs 30 euros, and it's really worth the time and money. You'll have an amazing time, Thanks again!

Dubrovnik Youth Service

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Staff was nice, but turns out the Dubrovnik Youth Service is merely an office that places you in available hostels. They couldn't communicate with me...and didn't even tell me what the address of my hostel was. It's rather confusing when you arrive in a new country regardless, and this definitley did not help. Look elsewhere.

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DYS have in rent several houses, all maden with high level of hospitality, cleanless, nice locations. We are brend of service for all young travelers, giving cheap, clean for good price accommodation. Address is writen on web page and there is minimum one person for comunication 24/7 (in each house), comment from this guest about it is not correct. WELCOME!:)

Sky Lounge Hostel

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Great staff, thanks for an awesome time!

Balkan Han Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Awesome place. Owner is really chill, and takes care of the place. Be sure to take the hostel's seige tour with Hassan. Amazing experience, and it gave me memories to remember for the rest of my life.


Belgrade, Serbia

Chill place...not somewhere you'd go to party. Staff is cool and helpful.

Citadel Youth Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

I ended up getting the top bunk in a 13 person room. No problem right? It would have been fine were it not for the fact that this hostel doesn't believe in safety rails. I spent the entire night turning very carefully so I wouldn't fall off the damn thing. Not to mention the fact there's no AC, and it was sweltering hot. Also, some bell or screaming will wake you up every damn hour of the night. Don't reccommend it.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

Awesome place. The best is the organized trips they have which really allows you to get the most out of Jerusalem and the West Bank. If I came back to Jerusalem, I'll definitley be staying here :)

Hayarkon 48 Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Honestly, the only reason to stop at this hostel is because it's close to the beach. The location is fine, the staff wasn't really knowledgeable or helpful at times. The rooms were alright, and one night we came back late, and our two "roommates" stunk up the room so bad that we needed to change or suffucate. Luckily, they accomodated us, but ideally, I'd like to avoid rooming with people who don't cherish hygeine.

High 5 Hostel

Gdansk, Poland

Fun hostel in a good location, close to Gdansk old town, bars, and attractions. Staff was friendly, owner was chill, and fun atmosphere. Shame the weather was bad, but I guess you can't blame the hostel for that :)

Ocean View Hotel

Naxos, Greece

The owner was a really chill guy. He provided his guests with breakfast and gave some advice as to where to go, etc. Great place, would reccomend!

Paraga Beach Hostel

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is crazy, that's all you really need to know. No one comes here to sleep, so why not sleep in some tent with a bunch of strangers you'll never meet again? Awesome trip.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

I remember getting lost in Athens till 6am, and when I saw the sign "Athens Backpackers" on the window, I thought it was the best thing that ever happened to me. After a night of meandering around alleys, I managed to avoid some avid transvestites, and find my way home. The bartender is a sick guy, and the staff was awesome. Also, the view from the bar roof top is spectacular.

Comics Guesthouse

Rome, Italy

Fun hostel, would recommend. All the rooms have their own theme, there's some breakfast provided, and you can even do your laundry. Thanks for a fun time.

Best Apartment Zdenka

Split, Croatia

We literally ended up booking the last available "hostel" in Split. Anyway, we got to the "hostel" and it was just grandmother keeping track of her reservations in an old notebook. Of course, she couldn't find our reservation. Eventually, we were driven by car to these lovely, Soviet era apartment blocks. The place was fine though...nice, clean, and the girl brought us juice and bananas cause she cared and was an awesome person.